Keanu Reeves rolls eyes at GMB’s Richard Arnold during awkward 'John Wick' interview

Keanu Reeves rolls eyes at GMB’s Richard Arnold during awkward 'John Wick' interview
GMB's Richard Arnold asked unusual questions that didn't sit well with Keanu Reeves (Screenshot from Sun)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Keanu Reeves appeared exasperated as he sat through an uncomfortable interview while promoting his latest flick ‘John Wick: Chapter 4’. The 58-year-old Canadian star was chatting to host Richard Arnold on Thursday's 'Good Morning Britain' when he became bewildered by a peculiar remark.

The conversation was going smooth until an awkward moment occurred when the ‘Matrix’ star was asked about a car stunt work in his new film, which critics have hailed as "one of the greatest action movies of all time", According to Daily Mail. "Does that come naturally to you? I can't even reverse park!" Arnold said. Reeves appeared taken aback by the remark as he drily replied "Yes you can". The host then awkwardly laughed, saying "Well I don't even own a car so that's probably why!"


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'I was on a knife edge'

This time, Reeves flashed a startled glance before pulling a face and slightly rolling his eyes as he looked towards his director, Chad Stahelski, according to the Sun. Arnold then went on to inquire about the star's insurance coverage and whether anyone had been hurt while filming. "I was on a knife edge throughout the film." Keanu replied, adding "No. No humans were injured during the making of this." Then, Stahelski chimed in, saying, "We are very proud of this. I don't think we've ever had an incident. Canine or human."



'I'm gonna Wickes my new kitchen!'

This awkward moment came just a day after Reeves was involved in another meme-worthy interview with Roman Kemp, who grilled him on British culture. The Hollywood legend was left baffled after the 30-year-old presenter questioned him about whether his famous hitman John Wick will be able to beat 'the nation's PE teacher' Joe Wicks in a fight. Reeves appeared perplexed by the question but politely replied, "Fantastic! I know it's hard to believe but John Wick doesn't really wanna fight, so let's just talk about life and fitness, John Wick hashtag fitness!"



The son of Spandau Ballet legend Martin Kemp then told Reeves that John Wick sounded like British hardware chain Wickes, to which the actor replied, "For when you just have to get it done, I'm gonna Wickes my bathroom, I'm gonna Wickes my new kitchen!" Kemp then concluded the conversation by pulling a cringe impression of Reeves. "So, I try to change the face first, and how I do that it, you're about to sneeze, lean back, eyes are gone, and you're now confused about the sneeze, and then it goes, "what?" (impersonating Keanu] "so you see, what I'm tryin' to do here?"' he said, according to Daily Mail.

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 Keanu Reeves rolls eyes at GMB's Richard Arnold in awkward interview