KCON LA: Fans pick NCT Dream, Kep1er, Ateez and other 4th gen faves for K-pop festival's USA leg

KCON LA: Fans pick NCT Dream, Kep1er, Ateez and other 4th gen faves for K-pop festival's USA leg
Fans start picking their favorite KCON LA acts as the show announces a second lineup ahead of its premiere in the USA (KQ Entertainment, SM Entertainment, Wakeone Entertainment)


The K-pop festival that had taken over the world over the last few years has finally made a comeback this 2022 with its first leg in Seoul, South Korea, back in May of 2022. Now, following that, the second leg of KCON is going to be held in LA, in the United States. Presently, KCON is the World's Number 1 K-Culture Festival. In 2022, the festival is celebrating its 10th debut anniversary in three parts โ€” South Korea, Japan, and the United States. The show revealed its first lineup earlier last week with acts like Enhypen, Itzy, WJSN, STAYC, Cravity, NMIXX and The Boyz.

On June 21, the producers of the program released the second lineup teaser for the LA leg of the 2022 KCON. In the teaser, the producers of the show teased photos of a few popular K-pop groups which were blurred out so that fans could take a guess and place their dibs on which upcoming K-pop acts will perform at the show. Presently, the newest generation of K-pop idols, namely the fourth-gen acts, are heavily dominating the global scene.  So a lot of fans have started mentioning names of their faves, including acts like NCT Dream, TO1, Kep1er, Ateez, and many others.


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KCON hints at their second lineup for the 2022 LA Festival

In the video teaser released on June 21, KCON released a clip featuring blurred-out photos of 8 different K-pop acts who will be joining the second lineup for the 2022 KCON LA event. The post from KCON invited fans to comment on the post with the names of all the K-pop acts that they feel are going to be a part of the second lineup from the 'hint'. As soon as the post was released, fans started posting numerous comments, naming their favorite K-pop groups who could possibly be a part of KCON's new lineup.  


According to fans, the first group that will participate in the 2022 KCON LA will be the girl group Lightsum. Fans also are certain that the second group is the Japanese group JO1. If this is true, it will be the group's first performance outside Japan. Following that, SM Entertainment's NCT Dream is the next K-pop group that fans are sure will be joining the upcoming lineup for the festival.

Other acts who are rumoured to make an appearance at KCON are Loona, TO1, Kep1er, Japanese group INI, and Ateez. The confirmed lineup for the 2022 KCON will be released on June 22 and will be held in LA from August 19 and 21 this year at the Crypto.com Arena and the LA Convention Center in Los Angeles, USA.










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