KBS 'Music Bank' deems Blackpink 'Pink Venom' unfit for broadcast, fans ask 'Celine issue?'

KBS 'Music Bank' deems Blackpink 'Pink Venom' unfit for broadcast, fans ask 'Celine issue?'
Fans are bashing KBS after the company banned 'Pink Venom' due to its lyrics (@BLACKPINK/Twitter; KBS)

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA: Blackpink is quite literally the biggest girl group in the world at the moment and the hottest thing in K-pop right now. However, their recent comeback with 'Pink Venom' and their upcoming second full-length album, 'Born Pink', are not everything the four girls are known for. Over the years, Blinks (fans of Blackpink) and non-Blinks have seen the global brand power that Blackpink members have with their individual representation of leading fashion brands.

From Jisoo representing Dior to Lisa being the global ambassador for Celine and Bvlgari, and with Rose's Yves Saint Laurent (YSL) partnership and Jennie's Chanel and Calvin Klein collaboration, the four girls are known for the brands they represent. However, with censorship being at its peak in South Korea, KBS network's music chart 'Music Bank K-Chart' has announced that Blackpink's recent comeback single 'Pink Venom' is unfit for broadcast, and fans are appalled that this is due to Lisa's collaboration with Celine.


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KBS Music Bank deems 'Pink Venom' unfit for broadcast

On September 5, it was announced that Blackpink's new hit single 'Pink Venom' will not be featured on the KBS Music Bank broadcast. According to the reports from Kmedia, KBS has judged the new Blackpink single to be ineligible/inappropriate for broadcast. The single has been excluded from the broadcast of 'Music Bank K-Chart's first week of September list.

Explaining the rationale behind the exclusion, a staff from KBS clarified that the single is considered ineligible as it breaks Article 42 of KBS' Broadcasting Review Regulations. 'Pink Venom's lyrics include the name of a non-South Korean brand - the French Luxury brand 'Celine', and this is in contravention of the aforementioned article.


'Blackpink will never be free'

Fans are pissed but do not care about this at this point because KBS has been repeatedly banning many of Blackpink's songs from broadcast on their music show and chart. One fan said, "In 2019 kbs banned KTL cause Rosé didn’t weat seatbelt. Pinks almost got sued for using panda in 24 365. Jennie's lsg Nurse part was removed and now PV is banned cause lisa used " Celine. BLACKPINK will never be free." Another fan said, "Kbs banned pink venom from music bank for being “inappropriate”????? be serious." Someone alleged, "Kbs judges mad they can't afford celine." One fan said, "We don’t care at all coz celine is better than kbs lol."

A fan joked, "Kinda funny but we didn't loss anything since yg never promote their songs on KBS." Someone added, "We don't care about kbs. Celine paid more." Another wrote, "i still don’t get why including “celine” is an issue?" One fan said, "Because Lisa said Celine, name dropping a brand. Not an issue really BP has never promote at KBS. They previously banned KTL because Rosé wasn't wearing a seat belt in the MV. Lmao." Another pointed out, "The problem isn't bc they mentioned Celine the real problem is bc it's BLACKPINK bc inkigayo and other music shows didn't ban pv bc of "Celine" kbs are just snakes."









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