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Kaylee Goncalves called a man named Jack SEVEN times before she was murdered, reveals sister

The identity of 'Jack' is still unknown but Kaylee Goncalves reportedly posted pictures with him on Instagram
UPDATED NOV 19, 2022
Kaylee Goncalves called someone named 'Jack' several times before she was murdered with three of her friends on November 13 (kayleegoncalves/Instagram)
Kaylee Goncalves called someone named 'Jack' several times before she was murdered with three of her friends on November 13 (kayleegoncalves/Instagram)

MOSCOW, IDAHO: Kaylee Goncalves' sister reportedly disclosed that just before being murdered by an unknown killer, she had called a man, "Jack," multiple times. Fox News reported that Alivea spoke with Inside Edition and told them that the 21-year-old University of Idaho student tried to contact Jack at least seven times between 2.26 am to 2.52 am.

Alivea reportedly said, “At 2:26 a.m., Kaylee starts to call Jack. Kaylee calls Jack six times between 2:26 a.m. and 2:44 a.m. From 2:44 to 2:52 Maddie calls Jack three times, then Kaylee makes a final call to him at 2:52 a.m.” Nobody knows who this Jack is. Goncalves had reportedly posted photos with this person on Instagram.


Slain Kaylee Goncalves's sister Aubrie denies overdose, says Idaho victims had 'nothing to do with drugs'

Who was Ethan Chapin? University of Idaho homicide victim remembered fondly back in hometown

Goncalves was among the four University of Idaho students who were killed on November 13. The other victims were Madison Mogen, 21, Ethan Chapin, 20, and Xana Kernodle, 20. The exact time of their murder was still unknown but police think the crime happened somewhere between 3 am and 4 am. A report by the Latah County coroner declared that the four victims’ manner of death was homicide/murder while the cause of death was stabbing.


Earlier, another of Goncalves' sisters issued a heartbreaking post after the terrifying incident. Aubrie wrote on Instagram, “I have been dreading making this post, but the more attention this gets, the better the chances of finding my sister’s, Kaylee and Maddie, and their sweet friends, Xana and Ethan’s murderer.”


She continued, “To the people spreading completely false and irrational rumors— you need to stop. Have some respect, and stop commenting on a situation you know nothing about. My sisters and her friends did not overdose. This had nothing to do with drugs, and the accusations that people are throwing at Maddie, Kaylee, and her friends are extremely hurtful to read and see as her little sister.”

“My sisters Kaylee and Maddie, and their friends— Xana and Ethan were murdered. They did nothing wrong, and they took all the precautions they should’ve, and they were still killed. To the students of the University of Idaho that are still staying around campus, leave. Your grades are severely less important than your lives. I wish all the students of U of I safety and peace. You guys are not safe until this sicko is found. If the person who did this is capable of killing four innocent people, they are capable of killing more. The last thing I want is to have another family experience what I, and my family, is experiencing now. My family and I will constantly strive to do everything in our power to get Kaylee, Maddie, Xana and Ethan the justice they deserve,” Aubrie stated. 

She added, “I personally ask if you know ANYTHING— no matter how small you think it is to call, and report your information to the number (208) 883-7180. Thank you. To my beautiful sisters, Kaylee Jade and Maddie May, I love you guys so much. I will always look up to you guys. You guys will always be one of the biggest blessings I have ever received. 


“I am so sorry you guys were taken so young. But I promise you guys, I will be the voice you guys will never be able to speak again. I am no longer living for just myself. I am living for you guys as well. And to all four victims, Kaylee, Maddie, Xana and Ethan, I may be young, but I promise each and every one of you, I will do everything in my power to help find and put your murderer in prison to rot for the rest of their life," she concluded.