Katy Keene returns in 'Archie #710' comic book preview just in time for The CW show's premiere in February

The crossover between CW's 'Riverdale' and 'Katy Keene' will premiere on February 5 and the Archie comics publisher has released a four-part-storyline featuring Keene

                            Katy Keene returns in 'Archie #710' comic book preview just in time for The CW show's premiere in February
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Archie Comics has released a preview of 'Archie #710' and fans were treated to the appearance of Katy Keene and that too, just in time!

The new series 'Katy Keene' is set to premiere on the CW on February 6. Not to mention, the crossover between CW's 'Riverdale' and 'Katy Keene' is set to premiere on February 5, and the publisher of Archie Comics has released a four-part-storyline that features Keene's character as part of the comics narrative.

The synopsis of the preview of 'Archie #710' says, "There's a new girl in Riverdale and she's turning everyone's heads — and NOT everyone is happy about that! Who is Katy Keene and why is she so Insta-famous and beloved in Riverdale? And, moreover, why is she quickly becoming Archie's biggest competition? Find out in this brand-new story arc from the creative team of writers Mariko Tamaki and Kevin Panetta and artist Laura Braga — just in time for the brand-new CW series Katy Keene!"

The synopsis of the crossover of the Archieverse characters is — as Veronica Lodge heads to the big apple for a college interview, she checks in Katy Keene, an old friend, and the two go on a shopping spree together. 'Katy Keene' is a spinoff of 'Riverdale' and is set five years into the future following the events happening in the latter show. The friendship between both characters has already been portrayed earlier this season on 'Riverdale' when Veronica name-dropped Keene to help make Halloween costumes for Archie and Munro.

"It is a watershed moment for the company, we are called Archie Comics, so most people don't realize the breadth and depth of our IP. We literally have hundreds of brands, thousands of characters, obviously some way more well-known than others. Comic book people know Katy but the world at large doesn't know Katy. And for us to be able to start to mine the depth of our library is a transformative moment for Archie Comics. It's such an exciting moment in time for the company and it's as exciting as when Riverdale first came along. It is that kind of seminal moment," said Archie Comics CEO Jon Goldwater when the TV series was announced.

You can view the official preview pages of the upcoming comic released by the comic book here. The comic copy will be in stories by Wednesday and will also be available digitally. The new title writers are Mariko Tamaki and Kevin Panetta, with art by Laura Braga, Matt Herms, and Jack Morelli.

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