Kanye West leaked Drake's address on his Instagram before Donda, making Drizzy laugh

A user joked after the leak saying, 'finna catch a flight to Drake's house, who tryna going with me?'

                            Kanye West leaked Drake's address on his Instagram before Donda, making Drizzy laugh
Kanye West and Drake (Photos by Roy Rochlin/Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Another day, another Kanye outburst. After pulling off the 'Kris Jong Un' debacle last year, Mr West is now coming at Drake, and he's coming in strong. The 'Hightlights' rapper just dropped Drizzy's Toronto address on his Instagram page at midnight of August 23 but deleted it shortly after. This move has sparked concern amongst fans of the former Young Money label artist and his safety. 

Kanye West has a history of going hard at people with who he's feuding at a given phase in his life and his issues with Drake date back to 2018. In December that year, he had hit back at Drake in a series of tweets and Travis Scott was collateral damage at that point. He slammed Scott for apparently allowing Drake to make "sneak disses" against him in 'Sicko Mode' and even implied Kylie's baby daddy had threatened him over the phone.


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"How you gone [sic] be on Trav's song coming at me. Trav should have never allowed that," West wrote. "I used to bring Travis with me everywhere with me," he continued. "Im an inspiration to both him and Drake... Trav is my family and let this met throw sneak disses at me for clout," he tweeted next. Kanye has lashed out at people closest to him including Kim Kardashian West who is rumored to be dating Van Jones while being separated from Kanye but all of that is just confusing right now to get into. 

The beef between them is ongoing and Drake's verse on Trippie Red's new drop 'Betrayal' stirred the pot further. Kanye acknowledged the diss in a group chat, adding Drake's arch-nemesis Pusha T to it following which he wrote, “I live for this. I’ve been f—ed with by nerd a– jock n—-s like you my whole life. You will never recover. I promise you." He posted the screenshot of the chat to his Instagram after which he quickly deleted it but not quick enough as many had screengrabbed it before the post vanished. 

Kanye West posted a screengrab of a group chat where he addressed the Drake verse on Trippie Red's 'Betrayal' (NME)


Coming back to the situation at hand, Drake's address has been known to Canadians for some time but doxxing culture is never considered ok. Even though Ye has deleted it from his page, the Internet never forgets and the screenshots are already floating around. While this is being considered as a grave issue where the safety of a public figure stands compromised, people on the Internet are treating it otherwise and there are a lot of mocking tweets, GIFs, and memes up already regarding the situation. Drake too responded, laughing off the incident on his Instagram story as just another day of Kanye displaying his clown behavior.

"Dropped the address before he even dropped DONDA Btw checked out drake’s house on the maps ngl its nice thoo," a tweet read. "Kanye really out here doxxing drake like a true gamer," another tweet read. "Kanye is trying to get Drake killed..he's fucking sick.." wrote a fan concerned about Drizzy's safety. "Kanye in the wrong here if you ask me. "Drake been throwing shit at him n shit but like, people get killed ova this shit yo," another fan tweeted expressing concern. "Kanye really doxed drake lmaooo his legacy in question for doing some h*e shit like this," another fan tweeted. 






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