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Did Kamala Harris REALLY call democracy America's biggest threat? Internet cries 'dictator'

VP says the threat to democracy keeps her up at night, scared internet responds 'Dems intent on one party rule'
UPDATED DEC 27, 2021
 Kamala Harris delivers remarks on the National Mall on October 21, 2021, in Washington, DC. (Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)
Kamala Harris delivers remarks on the National Mall on October 21, 2021, in Washington, DC. (Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Vice President Kamala Harris caused quite a stir on December 26, after sitting down for an interview with CBS' 'Face the Nation' host Margaret Brennan. During the course of the interview, the VP called democracy one of the "biggest national security challenges" keeping her awake, a statement many on social media read as a direct threat to American democracy.

While Harris meant something else, as she later clarified, eager opposers quickly flooded the net with warnings of one-party rule by the Democrats. The comments online echoed those made by Democrats during the Trump presidency, where it was frequently believed the then-President was installing authoritarian rule. In fact, James Comey even compared Trump to Al-Qaeda, saying he "radicalized" his followers. 


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But unlike with the former President, whose authoritarian tendencies are now being revealed via the January 6 commission, it appears the worries of Harris turning the US into a one-party state are unfounded. Later in the interview, Harris clarified her statement, indicating there was more behind her words than she initially said. Of course, few people registered that and instead chose to focus on just one line.

Kamala Harris speaks at the IBEW Local Union 58 on October 25, 2020, in Detroit, Michigan. (Nic Antaya/Getty Images).

What did Kamala Harris say?

Brennan asked the Vice President, "What do you see is the biggest national security challenge confronting the U.S.? What is the thing that worries you and keeps you up at night?" To that, she responded, "Frankly, one of them is our democracy. And that I can talk about because that's not classified." The comments echoed those made by other Democrats in light of Trump's coup effort that led to the January 6 insurrection. 

But, Harris had more to say. "There is I think no question in the minds of people who are foreign policy experts that the year 2021 is not the year 2000. You know, I think there's so much about foreign and domestic policy that, for example, was guided and prioritized based on Sept 11, 2001," she noted, adding, "And we are embarking on a new era where the threats to our nation take many forms, including the threat of autocracies taking over and having outsized influence around the world."

The Vice President rounded off her thoughts by noting that "fighting for the integrity of democracy is obviously about what we need to do in the climate crisis." She noted that stable democracies were vital to the global cooperation needed to battle climate change. Essentially, Harris said that the collapse of democracies around the world was a major national security challenge, but many on social media interpreted it as the opposition presented by Trump and his allies.

'Democrats are intent upon overthrowing the Constitution'

That led to comments like "So Kamala Harris thinks *democracy* is the biggest threat to national security? At this point I think it should be clear that Democrats are intent upon overthrowing the Constitution and imposing one party rule," and "@KamalaHarris⁩ is starting to make Dan Quayle look like Kissinger … please will someone ask her to spell “potato?!” One user claimed, "Democracy is merely code for their rule and power. They want one party control." Another person declared, "Incredible rambling!! Not up to the task!!"





"I loathe this woman. I don't believe her later clarification any more than "I did not have sex with that woman, Miss Lewinsky"," one user tweeted. Another trolled, "Good thing the United States of America is a Constitutional Republic and not a democracy. Does @KamalaHarris even know that or did she skip school that day?" One user replied, "Ironically it's the Democrats that are trying to destroy Democracy."




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