Kamala Harris blames racism, sexism for failures but she was elected BECAUSE of race and gender: Meghan McCain

Kamala Harris blames racism, sexism for failures but she was elected BECAUSE of race and gender: Meghan McCain
Vice President Kamala Harris has been slammed by Meghan McCain (Getty Images/ Chip Somodevilla and Theo Wargo)

In a write-up for Dailymail.com, Meghan McCain commented on Kamala Harris and her apparent reasons for her failures as Vice President of the US. Referring to The New York Times’ ‘Heir Apparent or Afterthought? The Frustrations of Kamala Harris’, McCain claimed that Harris’ complaints regarding racism and sexism for her dereliction were baseless since it was her race and gender that got her the reputable position.

The December 23 article by The NYT has also stated that though President Joe Biden needed the 57-year-old for winning the 2020 presidential election, he “does not need her to govern.” The piece claimed, “according to interviews with more than two dozen White House officials, political allies, elected officials and former aides, Harris is still struggling to define herself in the Biden White House or meaningfully correct what she and her aides feel is an unfair perception that she is adrift in the job.”



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It added: “Faced with declining approval ratings, a series of staff departures and a drumbeat of criticism from Republicans and the conservative news media, she has turned to powerful confidantes, including Hillary Clinton, to help plot a path forward. Harris has privately told her allies that the news coverage of her would be different if she were any of her 48 predecessors, all of whom were white and male.”

But McCain completely disagreed with the NYT write-up and said that criticisms and low approval ratings for Harris were not because she’s a woman of color. She suggested, “If I were Vice President Harris and was currently holding historically low approval ratings (as of December 22, the FiveThirtyEight average of polls showed 47% of the American public disapproving of the job she is doing) and had just come off a string of bad press appearances (including being spoken down to by Comedy Central host Charlamagne tha God) I would be doing some serious, aggressive and intense soul searching over my role in the Biden administration, before it is truly too late.”

The 37-year-old TV personality noted, “I would be spending my holiday season doing concentrated media prep with seasoned strategists, close confidantes and family. I doubt she will be doing this from what can be gathered in the New York Times piece.”

McCain also went on to point out how several of Harris' staffers left her office within the first year of her term. She gave an example of her dad’s chief of staff, who worked for him for over three decades. She stated, “Many staffers who worked in my dad's office worked there for decades, many of them married fellow staffers. Many, many of them are considered family by my family and we still maintain close relationships. It is not a foregone conclusion that staffers rotate in and out of the offices of politicians like a turnstile in a subway station. In fact, most of the greats, including President Joe Biden, have long-time and loyal staff who stay because they are inspired by the principal, and can't imagine working anywhere else,” before mentioning, “Most of the huge turnover rate people are known to have bad reputations and be lame duck politicians.”

Calling Harris “just isn't inspiring,” McCain showed her desire to see a woman as the President of America. She said, “Any woman who has entered the workplace, on any level, in any field, has experienced some form of sexism or bias. That's just the way the world works and hopefully things continue to change in many positive ways like they have in the past 17 years since I, myself, joined the workforce.”

McCain also mentioned that women should “not victimize ourselves,” instead they need “to stop complaining and explaining when we reach positions of power.” Concluding her column, she added: “Vice President Harris was given the job, in part, because she is a woman of color and now she is blaming all her problems on the very same thing that got her invited to the party. We can have conversations about double, even triple-standards as women but Vice President Harris is the second most powerful person on the planet, it might be productive for her to start leading from a place of power and strength instead of victimizing herself. If she doesn't, maybe the first female president will take the lead in the future, but it won't be President Harris.”


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