Politico slammed for 'inventing a disease' to criticize Kamala Harris for not using Bluetooth

New report says Kamala Harris 'is Bluetooth-phobic', Internet backed embattled VP saying she 'goes the extra mile' for national security

                            Politico slammed for 'inventing a disease' to criticize Kamala Harris for not using Bluetooth
Kamala Harris at the US Naval Academy Graduation and Commissioning Ceremony at the Naval Academy on May 28, 2021, in Annapolis, Maryland (Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images)

Over the past several months, Vice President Kamala Harris has been involved in scandal after scandal, leading to increased attacks on her ability to govern, and decreased approval ratings. On December 6 however, a slightly different story made headlines, leading the Internet to back the embattled VP and praise her decision to put national security first. 

As we have extensively reported, Harris' critics continue to mount over numerous allegations against her. On December 5, she was dubbed a "bully" as staffers continued to leave her office less than a year in. There's also a long-running rumor that all's not well between President Joe Biden and Harris, culminating in the POTUS giving her the cold shoulder at a Thanksgiving photo op in DC.


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Amidst these negative stories, POLITICO on December 6 revealed that Harris was "Bluetooth-phobic", and that she believed wireless earphones were a "security risk". If it was meant to be a criticism of the VP, it appears the publication failed as many rallied behind Harris and slammed POLITICO for its reporting. 

Kamala Harris while preparing to speak during a meeting of the National Space Council meeting at the U.S. Institute of Peace on December 1, 2021, in Washington, DC. (Win McNamee/Getty Images)


The risks of Bluetooth

The December 6 story says "While a growing number of consumers are going wireless, the vice president is sticking with the classics. She has long felt that Bluetooth headphones are a security risk. As a result, Harris insists on using wired headphones," according to three former campaign aides. The story goes on to indicate that Harris has been frequently seen in public with wired headphones, including her viral "we did it Joe!" video in November 2020.

Alex Thompson, the journalist behind the story reportedly asked Harris' office for any background on the VP's apprehension for the technology but didn't get a response. However, it doesn't seem to be a family issue. First Gentleman Doug Emhoff doesn't appear to have any such concerns, as he's been frequently spotted using Apple's AirPods. 

"But still, should someone who travels with the nuclear football be spending time untangling her headphone wires? The American people deserve answers!" wrote POLITICO, but it was clearly no joke to social media. Both POLITICO and Thompson were quickly attacked on Twitter, with the word "Bluetooth" becoming a trending topic just hours after the story was published.

Kamala Harris talks on the phone as she rides on her campaign bus to a campaign event in Storm Lake on August 09, 2019, in Sioux City, Iowa. (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)


'They literally invented a disease'

Many users were quick to slam POLITICO, with one person tweeting, "I'm sorry, let me attempt to summarize this: VP Kamala Harris is now being criticized for using wired headphones instead of Bluetooth because she's worried about security risks and this is bad because... we don't want a Vice President who goes the extra mile in national security?" Another commented, "Trump used his personal cell phone as president despite it being an explicit security risk, but of course POLITICO is out criticizing VP Harris for taking security precautions and avoiding Bluetooth." Another slammed, "She’s right. You’re wrong. Bluetooth has been hackable for years - look up “bluebagging.” You can eavesdrop and even insert voice into it. Instead of talking about her like she’s paranoid, maybe consider she’s understands something about security you do not."





"“Bluetooth phobia.” They literally invented a disease to label the first black, first female, first Asian, Vice President with **for taking extra security precautions with our nation’s secrets**," one person commented. One user replied, "Well, duh. Bluetooth headphones ARE a security risk." Another attacked the journalist responsible, tweeting, "Tell us you know nothing about Bluetooth without telling us you know nothing about Bluetooth... Alex will start with several paragraphs of ridiculousness..."





"I can’t think of a VP story of any more interest to the American people. Bravo," one user mocked Thompson. Another slammed, "Oh, my GOD! The VP is concerned about security! Also, journalism in this country is all but dead." One user commented, "You know this is like one step removed from middle-school cafeteria rumors, right?" While Harris herself hasn't responded to the story, her Senior Advisor and Chief Spokesperson Symone Sanders did. Sanders replied to Thompson's tweet about the story with "Not to be snarky, but we had more important things to do today."






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