Ryujin selected for 'AOTM' in November, Itzy dubbed as Studio Choom’s ‘daughters’

Itzy is the only group with three of its members selected for Studio Choom's 'Artist Of The Month' series

                            Ryujin selected for 'AOTM' in November, Itzy dubbed as Studio Choom’s ‘daughters’
Ryujin selected as 'AOTM' (@ITZYofficial/Twitter)

Midzys (Itzy’s fandom) can rejoice as Ryujin is the third Itzy member to be selected for ‘AOTM’. Studio Choom’s ‘Artist Of The Month’ aka ‘AOTM’ has become the most-vied series on YouTube. Fan wars have started as fandoms have tried to get their favorite idols on the series and make it the most-viewed performance video. This attention can partly be credited to Studio Choom’s 4K video quality and its attention to detail. Other than the performance video from the group themselves, most of the stages are filmed by busy music shows who fans claim don’t capture the performance well. 

Studio Choom factors in lighting, camera angles and velocity as they film the artists’ performances. They have also started the ‘AOTM’ series in which one artist is selected for the month with the channel focusing on content for them. There is a mini-documentary, an original performance on the artist’s selected song and behind-the-scenes footage. Leader and main dancer Yeji was the first Itzy member to be selected for ‘AOTM’ in March 2021. Chaeryeong, the second main dancer, was the second member of the series. And now Ryujin will be appearing.

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Itzy’s Ryujin as Studio Choom’s ‘AOTM’ for November

Stray Kids’ Hyunjin was selected as ‘AOTM’ for the month of October. He danced to Post Malone’s ‘Motley Crew’ and became the highest debut with 2.9 million views in the first 24 hours. Well, it looks like his labelmate, Ryujin has been selected for the month of November. Midzys actually knew in advance that she was appearing. The members had thrown daggers at Yuna as she had spoiled it during a live when Itzy was promoting their first album ‘Crazy In Love’. Well, she can relax now since Ryujin’s performance has been officially announced.



Fans have been trending phrases like 'Ryujin is coming' and #ArtistOfTheMonth_Ryujin. Well, like Midzys, Ryujin too is excited about her performance. She came online on the Bubble app and shared, “It’s still too foggy (feels unreal). But you don’t know what song im gonna dance to..” Well excited fans have been guessing, “AND WHEN #RYUJIN CHOSE SONG/GENRE LIKE THIS??? ICONIC.” Another shared, “Worried about ryujin's aotm song choice somehow i can't trust her about things like this.”

One fan tweeted, “And that's on being studio choom daughters.” Another fan wondered, “Yuna aotm next comeback.” One proud Midzy added, “One can say they're Studio Choom's daughters, but one cannot deny that ITZY really has the best dance line (imagine having the whole group as the dance line). ITZY IS THE ONLY GROUP TO HAVE 3 MEMBERS PERFORM ON AOTM IN LESS THAN A YEAR.”







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