IVE ‘Eleven’: Rookie girl group steals hearts and sweeps charts with debut album

IVE ‘Eleven’: Rookie girl group steals hearts and sweeps charts with debut album
IVE chart high with debut album 'Eleven' (@ivestarship/Instagram)

While we have the year-end award shows and music festivals to keep us busy, we also have a lineup of rookie groups and artists ready to debut. Fans have been eagerly waiting for the likes of JYPn, Kep1er, H1-Key, Viviz and IVE. Well, IVE, a 6-member girl group under Starship Entertainment, debuted on December 1. With the label being home to several iconic groups like Sistar, Monsta X and WJSN, fans were excited for IVE. On top of it, we saw some familiar faces as two of the members, Yujin and Wonyoung, were previously in IZ*ONE.

Even before their debut, there was much buzz around the girl group with their concept photos and teasers going viral. IVE finally debuted with their first single album, ‘Eleven’. And fans are already in love with it and the girl group which has led to their immediate success. Despite not being from a Big 4 label (HYBE, JYPE, SM, YG), IVE has managed to gain popularity domestically, as well as globally. ‘Eleven’ ended up charting on South Korean as well as international charts like iTunes.

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IVE start charting high with debut single album ‘Eleven’

We first had IVE’s music video for the debut lead single ‘Eleven’ cross 10 million views on YouTube in the first 24 hours of its release. This has made them the fastest K-pop group that debuted in 2021 to achieve this milestone. And now, on December 3, the music video is at 19.8 million views which is faster than several older K-pop groups’ music video views. This has also made IVE’s ‘Eleven’ the most viewed music video of a K-pop act on December 2 with over 12.1 million views. 

The newly debuted girl group also entered MelOn, Genie and Bugs Daily Chart with the highest peak for any K-pop group that had debuted in 2021. It should be noted that ‘Eleven’ debuted at #8 on Bugs, which is higher than most older artists that had a track debuting on the same day. IVE also became the first 2021-debuted group to have their song ‘Eleven’ enter FLO’s Top 100 Chart. In the same debut criteria, they are also the first group to enter the Spotify Daily Top Songs South Korea Chart. 

We even had ‘Take It’ entering Bugs and MelOn making IVE the first 2021 group to have a b-side enter the charts. The girl group also debuted on the iTunes Worldwide Song Chart as ‘Eleven’ entered at #22 and topped Thailand’s iTunes. Even the b-side ‘Take It’ charted on iTunes in countries like Poland. At the same time, just a day after their debut, it was reported that IVE had been nominated for their first award at the 31st Seoul Music Awards.


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