Upcoming K-pop releases: Astro, Dreamcatcher, Weeekly and CIX announce summer comeback

K-pop groups Astro, Dreamcatcher, Weeekly, CIX are set to release new music for this summer despite the cancelation of music shows for the Olympics

                            Upcoming K-pop releases: Astro, Dreamcatcher, Weeekly and CIX announce summer comeback
Astro, Dreamcatcher, CIX, Weeekly to have summer comebacks (@offclASTRO/Twitter, @hf_dreamcatcher, @cix.official, @_weeekly/Instagram)

Other than the award shows and year-end events, summer happens to be quite busy in the K-pop industry. Artists rush to have their music released by the middle of the year, as they end up qualifying for nominations at the year-end award shows. Other than that, it also happens to be a fun time for fans as they get to see a lot of their favorite artists come back and interact with each other. 

July and August are exciting months as there have already been announcements of new comebacks. From EXO’s D.O. and Blackpink’s Lisa having their solo debut to the much-awaited comeback of Red Velvet, tons of artists are releasing their albums and will be promoting together. Here are some of the groups that have confirmed their comebacks for the summer.

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Boy group Astro announced on July 12 that they will be releasing their eighth mini-album on August 2. They released a vibrant video poster revealing the name of the album - ‘Switch On’. And on the next day, they released the schedule for the album release with a similar theme hinting at the concept for this comeback. While their previous comeback, ‘All Yours’ was dark and mysterious, ‘Switch On’ might be retro and colorful with songs perfect for the summer.

Astro for 'All Yours' (@offclASTRO/Twitter)






Girl group Dreamcatcher had their first comeback of 2021 back in January. While no teaser has been dropped for their summer comeback, the group’s company confirmed that Dreamcatcher is working on their newest album. They will be returning with the album that is set to release at the end of July. They have already finished working on it since they were seen filming the variety show ‘Weekly Idol’ to promote the comeback. Known for their intense EDM-rock songs, fans are excited to see what kind of music Dreamcatcher will be releasing for the summer.





While the rookie girl group went viral with their March release ‘After School’, they’re back once again with their newest album. Known for their trendy melodies and catchy hooks, their songs are perfect for the summer. Their agency has announced that they will be coming back with a mini-album in August. With being noticed by the likes of TIME magazine and entering Billboard chart with their latest single, expectations are high for their upcoming release.





Another fourth-gen group to make a comeback happens to be the boy group CIX. They dropped their concept film without any announcement, pleasantly surprising fans. Titled ‘1st Album ‘OK’ Prologue : Be OK’, it happens to be their first full studio album. The concept film is an animated version reminiscent of slice-of-life Studio Ghibli films. With the release of the trailer, it has been reported that they too will be coming back with the album in August.






While summer in K-pop is full of anticipated as well as unexpected comebacks, there is one drawback this year. We might not get to see many music show performances for these groups. All major music shows like 'Music Bank', 'M Countdown', 'Music Core' and 'Inkigayo' are to be canceled on certain dates in the coming weeks. Instead, their channels will be broadcasting the Tokyo Olympics 2021. Whether these artists will continue to promote after the music shows resume is not confirmed.

Some of the other artists and groups reportedly coming back at the same time are EXO’s D.O., Blackpink’s Lisa, The Boyz, Stray Kids and Red Velvet.