Junobie on 'Shark Tank': What is the cost, who are the founders and how to use the reusable breastmilk storage bags

Junobie on 'Shark Tank': What is the cost, who are the founders and how to use the reusable breastmilk storage bags
Nikeytha Ramsey on 'Shark Tank' (ABC)

Motherhood is truly a magical moment in a woman's life. However, there is nothing magical about all the hard work that goes into it. From, caring, feeding and cleaning up after your baby, it is certainly a full-time job. Nutrition for infants is crucial, but being able to breastfeed when required is not always easy. Being able to store and use breastmilk certainly makes the task easier, however, the manner in which it is stored and handled is just as important.

Enter Junobie, a brand that is here to revolutionize the way mothers store breastmilk for babies. And while they have an ardent fan following, will it be enough to impress Mark Cuban, Barbara Corcoran, Kevin O'Leary, Lori Greiner and guest judge Emma Grede? Let's find out!


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What is Junobie?

For all you moms out there who are looking for a more sustainable option when it comes to breastmilk storage bags, then Junobie is what you need. Junobie bags can replace over 1000 single-use plastic bags and are easy to use. Also, they are certainly better for the environment. In addition to this, there are benefits to using Junobie bags, as the website mentions -- "Made with 100% FDA Approved Food Grade Silicone. Junobie bags are made with zero plastics, so no chemical leaching. Junobie reusable breastmilk storage bags are free from BPA, BPS, Phthalates, and Lead. Silicone is naturally bacteria resistant so helps keep milk fresher for longer. If you like fresh breastmilk this product is for you!"



Who is the founder?

Nikeytha Ramsey is the founder of Junobie. As per her LinkedIn, she studied at Purdue University and has a Bachelor of Applied Science - BASc, Audiology/Audiologist and Speech-Language Pathology/PathologistBachelor of Applied Science - BASc, Audiology/Audiologist and Speech-Language Pathology/Pathologist. She also attended the University of Cincinnati and has a Master of Arts - MA, Communication Sciences and Disorders, General. For Nikeytha, Junobie was born out of need, as she explains on the website -- "My name is Nickey! I am a working mother of two and the founder of Junobie, the world’s first reusable breast milk bag! After returning from my second maternity leave, I found myself unhappy with the impractical options for breast milk storage. Tired of dealing with leaky plastic bags and heavy glass jars, this momma knew there had to be a simpler, more reliable breast milk storage option. So, the Junobie bag was born!" she wrote.

"At Junobie’s core is the desire to support and encourage other mothers. I feel so much gratitude for the amazing women who have helped me on my journey. Growing up, I had an nontraditional family, and even experienced homelessness at one point. If it had not been for the encouragement and inspiration of mentors I met along the way, I would not have graduated high school, gone on to college, and broken the cycle of poverty. Now, I hope to use Junobie to help inspire and simplify the lives of other women and their families." she added.



What is the cost and where to buy?

Junobie has a wide range of products, from cleaning brushes to nipple shields. If you're looking for just the bags, they retail for $19.99 onwards for a pack of two. You can also purchase the starter kit, which comes with multiple bags and a cleaning brush for $89.99, all of which are available on the webiste.

Consumers have been raving about the product, with a certain Michelle V from the USA stating-- "I absolutely love these bags! They are high quality and the perfect eco friendly storage solution for my daily pumps. I love that I’m reducing the amount of plastic to the environment with these. They don’t leak and are super easy to clean and heat my milk in as well. I highly recommend them!".

Another review by a certain Kara S from The USA wrote -- "I am hooked on Junobie reusable breast milk bags. I will totally register for more when I have my next child. I love how eco-friendly they are and they clean up great. I like that I can put them in my bottle warmer without worry too. LOVE!!!"



Where is Junobie now?

While Junobie has been gearing up to appear on 'Shark Tank', they launched a new product in January -- the Junobie Battery Operated Breast Milk Cooling Cup, which allows you to store breatmilk at the right temperature.

The post which launched the product reads -- "Want to make breastfeeding while vacationing or heading back to work easier on yourself?
We’ve all had to deal with the warm, chunky ice packs while on vacation, all while trying to keep our breast milk at a constant cool temperature while away from home for longer than 4 hours. Admittedly, it starts to become a challenging task! You end up having to return home early, or risk leaving breast milk out longer than specialist recommend.

Introducing the junobie battery operated SMART breast milk cooling cup! Our breast milk cooling cup quickly drops your breast milk to 50 degrees F in 30 mins, and provides constant refrigeration at around 35.6 degrees F. It’s like having a fridge in the palm of your hand. Let’s take the stress out of storing breast milk on-the-go.

Rapidly cools breastmilk
Stores 9oz of liquid gold
No cumbersome adapters (simply pour and store)
Provides refrigeration to a minimum of 35.6 degrees F.
Portable & Battery Operated
Light weight (about the size of soda bottle)
Uses SMART technology"



Who will steal the deal?

It's hard to tel who might take the bait for Junobie, but Emma Grede certainly looks like she might be the one who invests. 



'Shark Tank' Season 13 Episode 14 airs on ABC on February 25, 2022, at 8 pm ET. Catch the latest episode featuring products like Junobie, Pinole Blue, Diaper Dust and Range Beauty. 
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