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'Shark Tank': Lori Greiner warns Candi owners about social media marketing mistakes

Lori Greiner pointed out that followers and engagement are two very different aspects, as fans agree with her pearls of wisdom
Lori Greiner, Keithan Hedrick, Quiante Hedrick on 'Shark Tank' (ABC/Christopher Willard)
Lori Greiner, Keithan Hedrick, Quiante Hedrick on 'Shark Tank' (ABC/Christopher Willard)

Social media allows us to connect with people worldwide, including our favourite celebrities. From Instagram stories to lives, you can now see what they are up to in real-time. But if you've always wanted to take it up a notch, then Candi is what you need. Candi allows you to book a video chat session with your favourite celeb, allowing you actually to have a real conversation with them!

However, Mark Cuban, Kevin Hart, Kevin O'Leary, Barbara Corcoran and Lori Greiner aren't easily impressed. So does Candi have what it takes? Let's find out!


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Keithan Hedrick and Quiante Hedrick, the husband-wife duo behind Candi, sought a $500,000 investment for 15% equity. Having made over $100,000 so far, they explained that each celebrity could decide their own rate, with 75% going to them and 25% going to Candi. With a list of 350 celebrities so far, the duo explained that they wanted to use the money to invest in better tech, build an app, hire a team and also put money into marketing. As of now, they were relying on the celebs on their roster to bring in fans by posting on their social media.

Neither sharks nor fans were convinced about the business model. "I don't understand how folks like the "Candi" couple cons on Shark Tank with such a big ask for money and nothing to back it up. #SharkTank has been around for nearly 13 years and folks make the same mistakes. You gotta be realistic about your business." tweeted a fan. "#SharkTank Maybe it's just me but there's something sad about paying a celebrity to interact with you...not to mention the crazed stalker element," added another. 



For Kevin Hart, his biggest issue was that relying on high numbers from celeb followings alone to grow a business was not a smart move. He mentioned it was a big mistake he made early on in his own career, to which Lori pointed out that numbers and engagement are not the same and that the latter is the priority. Fans agreed with them entirely. 

""You can have high numbers, but what's important is high engagement." - @LoriGreiner As someone who works in communications and social media, this is one of the best quotes I have ever heard. @ABCSharkTank #SharkTank" said a fan. "Feels good when you hear something you frequently say is echoed on Shark Tank. It is not the # of followers that influence your success it's the level of engagement! Quality vs Quantity..." agreed another. ""You can have high numbers but what's important is high engagement". @LoriGreiner just hit the nail on the head. So many people think #influncermarketing is all about followers, when the key is really engagement. Followers mean 0. #SharkTank" stated a fan. "Kev and Lori speaking the Same language #SharkTank" tweeted a user.





'Shark Tank' Season 13 Episode 10 airs on ABC on January 7, 2022, at 8 pm ET. Catch the latest episode featuring products like The SMART Tire Company, Candi, Black Sands Entertainment and Snactiv.

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