Fans amused as Jo Yuri uses Korean gossip app Pann: 'Proof she has a strong mentality'

Fans amused as Jo Yuri uses Korean gossip app Pann: 'Proof she has a strong mentality'
Yuri's phone screen shows Korean gossip apps Pann Nate, Instiz and DC Gallery (@JOYURI_offcl/Twitter)

International fans have their Twitter and Instagram but Knetizens use Korean chat forums like Pann Nate, TheQoo and Instiz to gossip and discuss pop culture events. These Korean social media apps are a source of Knetizens’ reactions to news in the entertainment industry whether it is BTS visiting the White House, dating rumors or speculations of Loona’s Chuu leaving her K-pop group. However, a majority of the posts that go viral on these gossip apps are negative. We have also had idols like AOA’s Seolhyun slamming back at Knetz for using these apps to troll celebrities.

And so many were surprised when K-pop idol Jo Yuri of IZ*ONE fame was spotted with some of these gossip apps installed on her phone. In a photo that has now gone viral, fans could get a glimpse of Yuri’s phone screen and noticed that she had apps like Pann Nate, Instiz and DC Gallery. While Pann Nate and Instiz do have some positive posts, DC Gallery has earned a reputation of being majorly used by antis and hate clubs to cyberbully Korean celebrities. 

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Yuri’s installed apps include Pann Nate and Instiz

Fans were amused but were also worried for Yuri due to the immense negativity on these gossip apps. Even the one who made the post on Pann revealing Yuri’s apps in the first place captioned it, “I bet she saw my hate posts.” Some were worried as one Knetz wrote, “ I thought it was edited, but I saw the comments and looks like it’s real.. I hope she didn’t read posts that might hurt her. DC has a lot of s*xual harassment posts.”

A Knetizen gets a glimpse of Yuri's phone screen (Pann Nate)

Another user joked, “It’s proof that she has a strong mentalityㄷㄷ I bet she chuckles and thinks we’re pathetic every time she sees hate posts.” One fan pointed out, “Aren't all celebrities reading Pann? It's impossible to not grow interested in it. If you swapped positions, would you not read your own hate posts if you saw one posted? I bet even if it was rumors, you'd at least read it to see how you can handle it.”

‘Can’t blame them’

International fans were similarly concerned, “Honestly, celebrities shouldn't be on these formus. They're shttying on people 24/7. But her choice.” Another wished idols would take advantage of these apps, “I can't blame them I would also read them, I would love to know whether I give top or bot vibes Another thing I would love to do is release bad music then watch fans defend it.” One added, “Imagine her opening nate pann app to see a post about her using nate pann lol.”




One tweeted, “They know the tea they just cant react to it.” Another wondered, “Damn, what kind of iron mentality must she have reading posts from those every day.” One added, “Whenever she gets posted on pann she always has positive comments like im so glad thats what happens most of the time.”




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