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Is Chuu kicked out of Loona? Singer's absence from group's first world tour raises suspicion

Fans worry that Loona's label, Blockberry Creative, is letting Chuu miss her the group's upcoming world tour on purpose
Chuu of Loona will be a part of their upcoming comeback album, 'Flip That' but will reportedly sit out their first world tour due to scheduling conflicts (Blockberry Creative)
Chuu of Loona will be a part of their upcoming comeback album, 'Flip That' but will reportedly sit out their first world tour due to scheduling conflicts (Blockberry Creative)

K-pop idols having a chaotic relationship with their labels is never a good idea and it seems like things are not working favorably for Loona’s Chuu. On June 3, Blockberry Creative, the label that manager the activities of Loona announced that the girl group who were the first runners-up on the Mnet performance-based survival show, ‘Queendom 2’ would be making a comeback in June with the album, ‘Flip That’. While this will be a full-group comeback with all 12 members, it was also reported that Loona will be headlining their first solo World Tour since their debut.

Loona will hold their first world tour titled, ‘2022 Loona 1st World Tour [LoonaTheWorld], from August this year. However, it was reported that member Chuu will not be attending and participating in the tour which has fans wondering if this is the label’s attempt to slowly kick out the member of the girl group. Back in February of 2022, Chuu announced that she would be skipping Loona’s offline and online concert due to being overworked. This time when the idol is being made to sit out another concert, a world tour, in fact, fans are wondering if this is the label’s attempt to keep her from making money.


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Chuu to sit out Loona's first world tour

Back in 2021, it was announced that Loona’s Chuu had filed a lawsuit against her label, Blockberry Creative, after she was being overworked by being made to take up multiple TV shows and solo events. This was believed to be because the label, which was going bankrupt, was banking on Chuu’s solo gigs to stay afloat. After the lawsuit was filed, future reports suggested that Chuu received partial victory over her lawsuit against her label. It was stated that Chuu could choose the activities she would like to participate in after a certain clause from her exclusive contract with Loona’s label was terminated.

Despite the lawsuit against her label, Chuu is still a part of the company and very much a part of Loona as she participated in the group’s appearance ‘Queendom 2’ and will actively take part in their comeback in June. But the fact that Chuu skipped Loona’s 2021 concert and now would also be skipping the group’s first-ever world tour, fans believe that Blockberry Creative is slowly trying to kick out the member from Loona’s group activities under the guise of her solo gigs. Other Orbits (fans of Loona) believe that since the other 11 members of Loona will be taking part in the world tour anyway, the label is trying to increase their funds by letting Chuu participate in solo projects so they could earn a bigger revenue all thanks to her.


‘They are being shady because she sued them’

Some fans of Chuu believe that since idols make a lot of money from concerts, this is Blockberry Creative’s way to take revenge on Chuu for suing them by making her skip the world tour. One fan said, “This is so strange, even with many schedules I'm not sure if not making to the tour is financially good for her, I'm pretty sure her company are being fishy towards her (or trying to boycott her idk) I'm not sure why tho.” Another fan responded, “They're probably being shady because she sued them.” One fan said, “She won the lawsuit tho. It means she can decide the schedule she wants and take all the solo activities earning for herself. BBC cant force her to perform with Loona anymore. Concert mostly spend a lot of time.” 

One fan said, “Winning lawsuit in Korea means NOTHING. All that matters is connections.” Another fan said, “Usually idols don't get profits from activities they don't participate.” One more fan said, “If they are that’s a terrible decision because chuu is the breadwinner of the group at this point so they’re just shouting themselves in the foot with this boycotting business. Do they want to send LOONA to the depths of nugudom.” Another fan said, “Im just a casual fan and i was really sad of the thought of her sitting out from their concert in korea earlier this year and now from this world concert. ttheyre not only robbing the fans’ expectations but also chuu’s and the rest of the members :( why is it so hard for them to be ot12 sigh.” One fan said, “It is really first time for me seeing someone get removed from world tour a litellary a concert who can gain lot of money without unclear reason.”