YG stock plummets as fans slam Blackpink Lisa's mistreatment

Lisa's solo debut wasn't promoted well and she had been stopped from attending Paris Fashion Week despite being in France

                            YG stock plummets as fans slam Blackpink Lisa's mistreatment
YG stocks fall over Lisa's mistreatment (@lalalalisa_m/Instagram)

Looks like hell hath no fury like a fan scorned. YG Entertainment’s stocks have fallen half a day after it was reported that Lisa would not be attending Paris Fashion Week albeit being in France. For a while now, fans of the Blackpink star have been noticing mistreatment and unfair decisions being taken for the Thai-born idol. It had even reached the likes of Bvlgari’s CEO and Vogue Thailand who decided to talk about it. And since then fans have been trending ‘Justice for Lisa’ and #YGLetLisadoHerWork.

Lilies (Lisa's fandom) were first annoyed that the label stayed silent after announcing Lisa’s solo debut. Instead of promoting it properly after the release of ‘Lalisa’, the comeback ended after a meagre 10 days. Fans pointed out the record-breaking single album and how it could have been even more successful had YG done more than the bare minimum. They were also disheartened when Lisa confessed that the future of her solo debut activities had been uncertain. After the uproar, YG pacified them by getting Kmedia to report that Lisa would be attending Paris Fashion Week.

Lisa's fans want ‘more promotions' for Blackpink star's solo, claim YG 'betrayed' her

Blackpink's Lisa STOPPED from attending Paris Fashion Week events by YG Entertainment


Lisa isn't at Paris Fashion Week despite being in France

The other members, Rosé, Jisoo and Jennie went on to attend the fashion shows of their endorsed brands. Rosé was the first Blackpink member that attended by going to YSL’s show. Jisoo drew the biggest crowd at Dior while Jennie was dubbed the ‘human Chanel’ at Chanel’s show on October 5, the last day of Paris Fashion Week. Lisa was reunited with her mother in France on October 4 and fans expected her to attend some of the shows on October 5 along with Jennie. But she was nowhere to be seen. Lilies went to extreme lengths due to the recurring mistreatment.

They asked the CEO of Bvlgari, Jean-Christophe Babin who made a special Instagram post. He shared that Lisa was invited to the Etam show which Bvlgari had endorsed. She had further been asked to shoot their campaign along with Zendaya and supermodels Lily Aldridge and Vittoria Cerreti. But he claimed that her label YG had said no citing Covid-19 as an excuse. Other news agencies and brands like Vogue Thailand reported it, sharing the fans’ frustrations. It should be noted that Lisa has been vaccinated and YG allowed the rest of Blackpink to attend crowded shows.


YG stocks fall due to Twitter

And it looks like social media is a powerful tool. After fans trended the abovementioned hashtags and phrases on Twitter, it looks like YG’s stocks have fallen. An hour ago, it had fallen by 500 won and half an hour later Google reported that it had gone down by 100 won. With YG staying silent, fans think that this is the only way for them to get an answer from the agency.

Fans are making angry posts as well as sarcastic memes to get the issue trending now that they have realized that their Twitter presence is affecting one of the Big 3’s stocks. They made tweets like, “Mrs. Hwang Bo kyung, go down down more down JUSTICE FOR LISA,” “How long are you going to be silent dammit agency. until your agency is destroyed? . this agency is so crazy its own CEO paving the way to destruction for his own agency is so shameful,” and “LS1's promotion was very short, and now yg won't let her attend any fashion show even if she's an ambassador of the brand. all the lame excuses yg is giving just to restrict her from doing her solo gigs is getting tiring.”

Another added, “Dear Yg,Lilies and Blink as well as other bystanders're really mad at your unfair treatments with Lisa.If you don't give us a satisfactory answer you'll receive appropriate consequences.” One shared, “Lilies after watching YG Stocks fall to the ground.” Another posted, “3.46M Tweets and yet no response?? Wake up @ygent_official !! We will never stop.”