BIG SKY BRAWLERS: Unruly drunk man ‘choked unconscious’ after violent fistfight erupts MIDAIR

BIG SKY BRAWLERS: Unruly drunk man ‘choked unconscious’ after violent fistfight erupts MIDAIR
The fistfight erupted on an easyJet flight from Manchester to Tenerife (@kelsolennox05/TikTok)

The Sun revealed that a rowdy passenger was allegedly "choked unconscious" after a "drunken" fistfight broke out on an easyJet plane from Manchester to Tenerife on Wednesday. Airline staff had to intervene to detain two male passengers allegedly involved in a violent altercation on flight EZY1903, causing a 12-hour delay to the following flight.

After an argument in the air, a male passenger who appeared to be intoxicated allegedly punched another male passenger two seats in front of him before they began throwing fists across the aisle, witnesses said. "It was not pleasant," George Briscoe, a 28-year-old passenger, told The Sun.


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Up to four members of crew intervened to restrain the unruly passenger. (Photo via @kelsolennox05/Tiktok)
Up to four members of the crew intervened to restrain the unruly passenger (@kelsolennox05/Tiktok)

George, who was three rows back, identified one of the suspected assailants as British. "I understand he had opened duty-free goods despite crew outlining this was not allowed numerous times through the flight," he said. "Three male crew managed [to restrain one of the individuals] for a while and then he kicked off again and was then restrained by a male who was traveling with him as we descended. He was choked out unconscious," George added. 

George stated that after successfully landing in Tenerife, his crewmates were agitated. "One of them was stood on the stairs as we departed and he was definitely shaken up and said he wanted to be sick," he added. "I can only praise them in this instance." The return easyJet flight EZY1908 from Tenerife to Manchester was supposed to depart at 10.40 pm but was delayed until 11.25 am today. A passenger whose flight was delayed said that he was notified about the incident on the incoming airplane while waiting to board at Tenerife's airport.

Stephen Bowker told the Sun, "The captain came and told us at the gate when everyone had disembarked and then hotels and coaches were arranged for us. The cabin crew needed to go to the hospital and the pilots needed to rest. The flight was rescheduled for today, we landed back in Manchester this afternoon."

According to local media, up to four cabin staff members intervened to separate the two men before escorting one of them to another portion of the flight. Without additional issues, the plane was able to land. easyJet reported that one of the guys, whose age and the name was not given, was detained immediately by the Guardia Civil.

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