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Passengers make in-flight 'arrest' after drunk flyer punches FATHER and tries to LEAVE plane mid-air

Olivia Skalska, one of the flight's cabin staff members, claimed the man punched his own father and also hurt another passenger
UPDATED AUG 18, 2022
A male passenger became aggressive during the flight as he was heavily intoxicated (DeadlinenewsTV/YouTube)
A male passenger became aggressive during the flight as he was heavily intoxicated (DeadlinenewsTV/YouTube)

KAUNAS, LITHUANIA: A man reportedly became hostile under the influence of alcohol on a Ryanair aircraft, forcing fellow passengers to execute a "citizen's arrest." On Saturday, August 13, 2022, the passengers were flying from London Luton Airport to Kaunas, Lithuania, when a fellow traveler allegedly became intoxicated, according to reports.

A group of seven people came together to try to restrain him after he was accused of assaulting his own father and started acting aggressively toward other passengers. In the disturbing footage that has gone viral on social media, the man is heard screaming at other flyers on the plane. The drunken man shouts, "I don't f****** care who the f*** you are!" Then, a number of men succeed in grabbing him and yanking him from his chair. 


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The video, which was later removed from TikTok under the title "Citizens arrest mid-flight", showed the argument growing violent as the troublemaker became furious. Since it was shared, the video had received over 28,000 comments and more than 968,000 views.

According to Mirror, user Milda wrote on TikTok, "Citizens arrest mid flight. London Luton - Vilnius 13.08.2022." "Long story short, drank too much, got so aggressive, tried to 'leave' the plane mid air. He was left alone on three separate occasions but kept getting up and threatening people," the user added.


One passenger, who preferred to remain anonymous, told DeadLine, "The passenger brought his own alcohol and after being asked to stop drinking, he got aggressive. He was left alone once he stopped drinking but his behavior was getting worse. The cabin crew stepped in asking him to calm down. He continued swearing and shouting until cabin crew and passengers restrained him."

The anonymous passenger added, "His father sat on the other side of the plane at first and came round when he saw what was going on. He was trying really hard to calm his son down and seemed to be mortified. He (the drunken man) got arrested once we landed."

"It all started with the cabin crew telling him to stop drinking in the first place but he refused and kept drinking. He seemed to be very intoxicated, slurring his speech and could not walk straight. All this after him drinking what seemed like an almost finished bottle of whiskey," the passenger concluded.

One of the flight's cabin staff members, Olivia Skalska, claimed the man punched his own father and hurt another passenger. She stated the following to The Sun, "He had his own alcohol and we didn't notice it until half way through the flight."

"He refused to put it away and started arguing and getting rude to the cabin crew when we told him it's not allowed," Skalska added. "Then he started arguing with other passengers and got really aggressive. I was really scared so I tried to stay away from him, so I really didn't get involved in the fight, but he punched his own dad and injured a passenger."

A Ryanair representative informed DeadLine that the man who got into the altercation was brought in by authorities as soon as the aircraft landed. The airline stated, "The crew of this flight from Luton to Kaunas (13 Aug) requested police assistance upon arrival after a passenger became disruptive in-flight. The aircraft landed normally and police removed and detained this individual passenger at Kaunas. This is now a matter for local police."