Will Jeremy go home next? 'Love Island' fans want Aimee freed from his 'shackles'

'Aimee is one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen, IMAGINE having the audacity that wonder bread Jeremy has, IMAGINE,' wrote a fan

                            Will Jeremy go home next? 'Love Island' fans want Aimee freed from his 'shackles'
Aimee Flores and Jeremy Hershberg on 'Love Island' (CBS)

For some inexplicable reason, the ladies on the 'Love Island' seem to be drawn to Jeremy Hershberg. During the first coupling, the New York-based fitness trainer managed to steal Trina Njoroge from Christian Longnecker. Unfortunately, things between Jeremy and Trina fizzled before the blink of an eye after he told her that he wasn't interested in her anymore and wanted to explore other connections in the villa.

New islander Aimee Flores caught his eye and luckily for him even she seemed to be interested in the long-haired islander. Aimee was so smitten by Jeremy that she ended up kissing him on their first date, after which the dark-haired beauty chose to couple up with him. If you thought Jeremy finally found his 'connection' with Aimee considering how invested she is in their relationship then you couldn't be more wrong. Turns out while Aimee is putting in all the effort to strengthen their relationship and make it work, the fitness trainer considers it to be an open relationship and views Aimee just as a friend.


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During a conversation with Florita Diaz, Jeremy tells her that he is open to exploring other connections in the villa if anybody sparks interest in him and firmly categorized his relationship with Aimee as friendship. Later, when Florita repeated what she heard from Jeremy Aimee was completely taken aback. Since it was right before the recoupling ceremony Aimee stayed quiet and didn't say anything about it.

In the preview clip for the upcoming episode, we see Aimee crying and questioning Jeremy why he chose her. Later Javonny Vega calls Jeremy 'fake' in his green room interview. So looks like there's a lot of drama in store for us on the upcoming episode of 'Love Island'. But in the meanwhile fans are already plotting for freeing Aimee from Jeremy by voting for her to go on a date with one of the two new islanders who will be introduced on the next episode.

A fan tweeted, "Sorry YALL I gotta save Aimee from the shackles of Jeremy and Shannon was for fun #LoveIslandUSA." Another fan wrote, "I just hope Aimee gets voted to go on a date with the two new boys tbh cuz that knockoff tarzan fivehead looking a** boi Jeremy ain’t shit!#LoveIslandUSA." "Please vote Aimee for a date Free Aimee from Jeremy Jeremy need to go #LoveIslandUSA," seconded another fan.




'Love Island' star Aimee Flores is upset with her partner Jeremy Hershberg (CBS)

Another fan expressed, "Jeremy is gonna leave the next re-coupling but my girl Aimee can’t be crying over this dry a** bread. #LoveIslandUSA." "Aimee is one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen, IMAGINE having the audacity that wonder bread Jeremy has, IMAGINE #loveislandusa," wondered a fan. "We need to save our sister aimee from germy and quickly #loveislandusa," declared a fan.




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