Jennifer Aniston flirts with Brad Pitt and reacts to his character jacking off, fans say 'greatest thing in 2020'

There was a lot of awkward laughter as Morgan Freeman, with his famous narrative voice, set up the erotic scene between Pitt and Aniston

                            Jennifer Aniston flirts with Brad Pitt and reacts to his character jacking off, fans say 'greatest thing in 2020'
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Despite being divorced for 15 years, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston proved that they can set the stage on fire and get their fans' pulses racing by merely appearing together on the same screen at the same time via Zoom during their 'Fast Times at Ridgemont High' virtual table read on Thursday, September 17. Add to that the subtle hints of flirting between the former power couple as well as their participation in a steamy, erotic scene reading, and social media users could not control their delight anymore. 

For the charity table read, which was held to raise funds for coronavirus pandemic relief — led by the nonprofits CORE and REFORM Alliance — Aniston read for the character of Linda Barrett, which was originally played by Phoebe Cates in the movie and Brad Pitt embodied the character of Brad Hamilton which was portrayed by Judge Reinhold. The awkward situation came when the panel members, which included celebrities like Sean Penn Julia Roberts, Shia LaBeouf, Matthew McConaughey, Morgan Freeman, Jimmy Kimmel, and more had to react to Hamilton walking in on Barrett topless. 

"Hi, Brad," Aniston as Linda said in the scene. "You know how cute I always thought you were. I think you're so sexy. Will you come to me?" There was a lot of awkward laughter as Freeman, with his famous narrative voice, set up the erotic scene between Pitt and Aniston which had graphic details about Barrett unrobing and Hamilton jacking off to the seductive sight. 

Needless to say, longtime shippers of Pitt and Aniston could not contain their reactions and celebrated their reunion onscreen with several tweets and memes. "Jennifer aniston and brad pitt’s full 'spicy' scene as linda barrett and brad hamilton on fast times at ridgemont high's virtual table read. THIS WAS WAY TOO FUNNY" one wrote, while another said, "In case you ever wanted to hear Morgan Freeman recite erotic fiction. Come for Brad and Jen reunited, stay for the voice of God saying 'Nipples' as Matthew McConaughey enthusiastically nods along..." A third commented, "Think about the full circle moment of @CameronCrowe deciding to name a character 'Brad' in his 1982 script and then #BradPitt playing him 38 years later in a 2020 table read opposite his former wife #JenniferAniston who addresses him in character as 'Brad'" 

A fourth gushed, "I could write 10,000 words on this video. Jennifer Aniston is playing it so f**king cool but Brad Pitt is clearly embarrassed. I LOVE MY DIVORCED PARENTS." For a fifth user, the reunion was "the greatest thing I've seen in 2020. McConaughey nodding along with a smile. Julia laughing. Morgan Freeman having to SAY THESE WORDS. BRAD. AND. JEN."






Before the table red began, all the fantasy panel members greeted each other. Most of the fans were waiting for the former husband-wife duo to greet each other and they did not disappoint. With a huge grin, Pitt said, "Hi Aniston, how you doin'?" to which the actress, playing with a strand of her hair, replied, "Good honey, how're you doing?" Pitt responded with "I am alright." The flirty exchange had fans swooning. 

"My heart explodes Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston flirting," one wrote while another reacted with, "The Brad and Jen virtual reunion was everything! WE ARE NOT OKAY." A third said, "Can Brad and Jen not do whatever they're doing? I'm trying VERY hard to believe in love and all"





Die-hard Pitt fans cared more about how good the actor looked in the zoom meet, rather than focusing on his apparent chemistry with Aniston. "How does brad pitt manage to get more and more handsome? this man is real?" said one, while another wrote, "Expecting someone to make a meme of Brad's stare and head shake at the 1:05 mark to 1:08 mark..." Someone else commented, "Brad pitt was SO FINE and now he looks like he organizes tech start up conventions in up and coming cities" 




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