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'Friends' Reunion trailer recreates show's iconic moments: From 'My eyes', the 'Quiz' to 'Holiday Armadillo'

Aside from the original six, stars like Maggie Wheeler, Tom Selleck, Cara Delevingne, Lady Gaga, and BTS will also be making guest appearances
UPDATED MAY 20, 2021
Official poster of the Friends Reunion Special (HBO Max)
Official poster of the Friends Reunion Special (HBO Max)

The trailer of the long-awaited Friends Reunion Special just dropped and it is hard to keep calm. Millions of fans of the show are thrilled to see their favorite cast members reunite for an evening of nostalgia. The trailer of the show offers a sneak peek into the evergreen world of Monica Gellar, Chandler Bing, Ross Gellar, Rachel Green, Phoebe, and Joey Tribiani, as the real-life stars reconnect with the most memorable roles of their lives. 

Aside from the original six, stars like Maggie Wheeler, Tom Selleck, Cara Delevingne, Lady Gaga, and BTS will also be making guest appearances on the special. The reunion episode, titled 'The One Where They Get Back Together'.will be aired on HBO Max on May 27, 2021. The trailer showed the stars recreating the iconic moments from the show - from Phoebe's 'My Eyes' to Janice's unforgettable 'Oh My God'. Here is a list of all the nostalgia from the Friends Reunion trailer that filled our hearts with joy. 


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The One Where It All Happened

The trailer starts off on a nostalgic note showing the New York City building where the major part of the show was believed to be filmed. The foosball table can be seen in the next frame, which soon cuts to David Schwimmer aka Ross recreating the legendary 'Quiz' from S4E12 'The One With The Embryos'. 

David Schwimmer in the Reunion special (HBO Max)

'Front & Back'

An identical board with the categories 'Fears & Pet Peeves' and 'Ancient History' can be spotted in the background, while Schwimmer goes on to ask questions to the rest of the cast sitting on the couch. As he inquires about the letter Rachel wrote to Ross before getting back together, Matt LeBlanc, Jennifer Anniston, and Courteney Cox find it difficult to hide their excitement. Joey aka LeBlanc answers '18 pages', while Anniston aka Rachel adds, "front and back" - a joke from S4E01 'The One with The Jellyfish'. 

(Matt Le Blanc, Matthew Perry, Jennifer Anniston, Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow (HBO Max)


In S2E15 (The One Where Ross and Rachel... You Know), Joey surprises Chandler with two supremely comfy Barcalounger chairs, which eventually makes them lazy. In the Reunion trailer, Matt LeBlanc and Matthew Perry recreate the original scene that shows them moaning in comfort on the chairs.

The Barcalounger scene - recreated (HBO Max)

'My Eyes, My Eyes'

How can one forget Phoebe finding out about Monica and Chandler's relationship in the worst way possible? Her priceless reaction 'Oh, My eyes! My eyes!' has given rise to hundreds of jokes and memes among millennials. Actress Lisa Kudrow flawlessly renders the scene during a table read for the episode as the other stars break out into hearty laughter.

Lisa Kudrow enacting the 'My Eyes' dialogue during a table read (HBO Max)

'We were on a break'

While we can definitely expect a lot more emphasis on the classic 'We Were On A Break' joke, a segment from the special will also find the actors discussing their opinion about Ross and Rachel's explosive breakup. 

The cast reunited (HBO Max)

Holiday Armadillo 

In S7E10, we meet the 'Holiday Armadillo', as Schwimmer's Ross attempts to educate his on-screen son Ben (Cole Sprouse) about the Jewish tradition of Hannukah. The hilarious suit makes a reappearance at the reunion. 

Holiday Armadillo greets guests at the special (HBO Max)

Rachel's fashion faux pas

Hailed as the fashionista of the group, Rachel Greene (Jennifer Anniston) faced her faux pas moment early on in the show. In the Season 2 finale, she attends her ex-fiance Barry and best friend Mindy's wedding, where she had a massive wardrobe malfunction. 

In the reunion, we will be seeing supermodel Cara Delevingne recreated the iconic faux pas moment. 

Cara Delevingne (HBO Max)

'Oh My God'

Who can ever forget Maggie Wheeler's Janice and her unparalleled 'Oh My God'? To every fan's delight, Janice will also be making a guest appearance at the reunion. 

Maggie Wheeler aka Janice (HBO Max)

Joey's Hand Twin

Eagle-eyes fans managed to spot a blink-and-miss appearance from actor Thomas Lennon aka Joey's hand twin from the show. 

Thomas Lennon (HBO Max)

Fountain, orange couch and Monica's kitchen

True 'Friends' fans will not have any difficulty recalling the opening theme song of the legendary show, where the six lead actors can be seen grooving to 'I'll Be There For You' by The Rembrandts, in front of a fountain.

Some of the best scenes from the show have played out in the coffee house 'Central Perk'. The six friends sat and relaxed on the orange couch while enjoying their coffee and conversation with the occasional snacks and desserts. 

The fountain and the orange couch (HBO Max)

In the Reunion special, both the fountain and orange couch make an appearance. James Corden interviews the actors who are seated on a similar orange couch in front of the recreated fountain.

The set for Monica's kitchen - the hotspot for conversations and the many Thanksgiving dinners - has been recreated to precise perfection, complete with the fridge magnets. 

Watch 'Friends: The Reunion' only on HBO Max on May 27, 2021.