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'Apologize to Jennie' trends as Blackpink star is dragged into Lisa mistreatment row

Irking Blackpink fans, The Thai Enquirer added a hashtag for Jennie while reporting that Lisa had been stopped from attending Paris Fashion Week show
Lisa and Jennie are part of Blackpink (@lalalalisa_m/Instagram)
Lisa and Jennie are part of Blackpink (@lalalalisa_m/Instagram)

For the past few days, YG has come under fire for mistreating Blackpink member Lisa. The Thai-born idol’s solo debut received almost no promotions and ended after 10 days. The label was also slammed for cultural appropriation as the stylists used box braids while the music producers used AAVE for the b-side song ‘Money’. The label tried to pacify fans by getting Kmedia to report that Lisa would be joining her Blackpink members Rosé, Jisoo and Jennie at Paris Fashion Week but that backfired too.

Bvlgari’s CEO and Vogue Thailand spoke up about Lisa’s absence at the fashion shows despite her being in France. The CEO made a special Instagram post stating that Lisa had been invited to Etam’s show and Bvlgari’s campaign but her label had cited Covid-19 as an excuse for her absence. However, she has been vaccinated and the other Blackpink members had been allowed to attend the crowded fashion shows in Paris. While reporting this matter, a news agency dragged Jennie into the issue.

Lisa's mistreatment by YG Entertainment raises questions on how it manages artists

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A news agency mentions Jennie while reporting Lisa's mistreatment

The Thai Enquirer reported on October 6 that Lisa had been stopped from attending Bvlgari’s show at Paris Fashion Week. The story itself just reports the matter and how fans have been reacting. However, while tweeting the article, they decided to add a hashtag for Jennie. And this has irked fans. They feel that the agency was either trying to use her name for social media reach or trying to hint that Jennie had something to do with Lisa’s mistreatment. They explained that it was purely YG that was at fault and there was no reason for Jennie to be brought into the matter.

But the Thai Enquirer’s response was deemed unprofessional. Fans claim that Sir Cod Satrusayang and Erich Parpart, editor and writer at the media agency seemed to be mocking and belittling their anger. Hence they have taken to Twitter to trend #ApologizeToJennie. They made posts like, “The question is why only her name being mention?It's obviously the Hidden meaning of it to paint her as the bad one & they said we overact but even u can see the tweet & all. Plus both editor chief & senior shade J STOP USING JENNIE,” and “Jennie is not the enemy here pls direct your anger to YG!”

'Stop hating other members'

One fan pointed out, “Imagine being an editor in chief with a mindset as low as this daaaang i don't  know what happen to people right now I'M SPEECHLESS! PROTECT JENNIE FROM THAI MEDIA.” Another commented, “Jennie is not involve here i mean its YG!! And not jennie yah!! stop hating other members STOP USING JENNIE.” One found the staff’s response to the matter ridiculous, “This is just driving me up the wall.”