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NFL slammed for poorly visible 'End Racism' message in end zones, fans wish they could 'blank that area out'

The NFL, as a part of its social justice initiatives, earlier this year said that it would paint 'End Racism' on the end zones all season
'End Racism' message painted on end zones at Arrowhead Stadium (NFL)
'End Racism' message painted on end zones at Arrowhead Stadium (NFL)

The NFL (National Football League) recently came under fire leading up to the opening game between the Kansas City Chiefs and Houston Texans over the “End Racism” message painted in the end zones at Arrowhead Stadium, Kansas City, Missouri. The NFL, as a part of its social justice initiatives, earlier this year stated that it would paint “End Racism” on the end zones and have players wear decals to convey the message during the season.

While the end zones in the stadium still have the Red Chiefs painted from sideline to sideline, the backline, right in front of the goalposts, has different messages painted on them. One end zone backline reads “End Racism” and the other one reads “It Takes All Of Us.” However, the “End Racism” message in small, poorly visible letters didn’t sit well with fans, with many taking to Twitter to express their disappointment.

A Twitter user wrote, “The NFL putting 'End Racism' in the end zone, while having 'Chiefs' in lettering 10x the size in the same end zone is truly something.”


“I wish the players would just walk off the field and refuse to play when stuff like that happened. See what happens, then,” another user tweeted.


Another person wrote, “Nothing like 'end racism' in tiny letters next to a huge racist nickname.”


“Disgusting! I wish I could blank that area out,” one seemingly upset user tweeted.


Another user wrote, “How dare they put that in the end zone. Disgraceful.” One user tweeted, “Wow racism is finally over.”



“One touchdown = one less racism amazing work here NFL,” wrote another user, expressing disappointment over the league’s initiative.


Others took issue with the Chiefs' name painted next to the message as some believe the organization should change their name in fairness to Native Americans. A few others noted the weird juxtaposition with a Ford Motors ad within the range of the message. 
“Are you going to start with the racist name Ch*efs or what LMAO like no one hit the pause on this??? Jay??? Bueller???,” writer and author Brooke Obie tweeted.


“Rename Kansas City's football team. #ItTakesAllOfUs,” a user tweeted.


“I’m sorry it’s just that the end racism message and the ford ad are the same size and i’m losing it,” wrote another. 


Players chose to showcase other messages during their pregame workouts. “It Takes All of Us” and “BLM” were among the phrases spotted on the field. Players who opted to wear the decal were given a list of names or they could choose a “victim of systematic racism who is not on that list,” NFL executive Anna Isaacson told teams in July, according to the NFL Network.
“As we continue to amplify and elevate the NFL's ongoing and long-term commitment to social justice, we will be incorporating several prominent elements on the field, into all broadcasts and across league and club platforms to begin the NFL season and beyond,” the memo read, reported Fox News. “In developing these concepts, we have worked directly with players and received input from the NFLPA,” the memo added.
The league will also play the Black national anthem “Lift Every Voice and Sing” before the beginning of every game during Week 1 starting with the Texans' season-opener.