EXCLUSIVE | Maria Farmer 'felt safe' with Epstein because he and Ghislaine Maxwell acted married

EXCLUSIVE | Maria Farmer 'felt safe' with Epstein because he and Ghislaine Maxwell acted married
Maria Farmer (Netflix)

The ongoing Ghislaine Maxwell trial is slowly inching toward its conclusion and all eyes are set on the judicial system of the US to give a satisfying verdict to all the survivors. However, the trial is just one part of it. The entire episode started way back in 1995 when Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell alleged activities ended up ruining the lives of several girls.

One of the first persons the duo contacted was a supremely talented visual artist named Maria Farmer. The artist graduated from Santa Clara University and moved to New York City in 1993 to attend the New York Academy of Art. It’s every artist’s dream to study at the New York Academy of Art and it’s one of those places where legends are made. However, Maria didn’t know that a place that she always dreamt of going will turn out to be the worst memory of her lifetime.


Jeffrey Epstein had framed photo of NAKED Ghislaine Maxwell on his desk at home 

'Lady of the house' Ghislaine Maxwell and Epstein often socialized with 'topless' minors

In 1995, the school’s dean, Eileen Guggenheim, introduced her to Epstein and Maxwell and what happened next completely changed Maria and her entire family. In 1996, Maria contacted the FBI and stated that Epstein and Maxwell sexually assaulted her in Ohio. However, the authorities did not take any action regarding the assault. But, the misery didn’t end here because later that year, she came to know that her little sister Annie Farmer was also sexually assaulted by Epstein. Maria and Annie were not the only women to experience such a horrifying ordeal as there were numerous women who came forward to accuse Epstein and Maxwell of sexual assault and harassment.

In order to know what exactly happened and how difficult it was for them to find justice, MEAWW caught up with Maria and discussed the ongoing trial. She also opened up about what she faced over the years and why she’s confident that Maxwell will be rotting behind bars for what she has done.

Q) When did you first meet Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell? What was your first impression of the duo?

Maria: I first met Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell in 1995, when 25 years old. I had graduated from the New York Academy of Art the day or so prior. The dean rushed over to me to inform me, "You are going to be selling your painting to this couple." I had just sold the painting to a German buyer for $12K. The dean made me take $6K from Epstein instead. I was very unimpressed by them on that first meeting because Ghislaine was dressed very garishly and Epstein seemed odd. I honestly felt a bit sorry for them for being cheap and not fashionable.

The painting Maria Farmer sold to Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell in 1995 (Photo Courtesy: Maria Farmer)


Q) We have heard the stories about the relationship Epstein and Maxwell shared. How close was Maxwell's relationship to Epstein? 

Maria: Maxwell and Epstein were inseparable. She was provided an entire floor in each mansion/residence. They were 100% best friends. They worked in sync and feigned being a married couple. They told my mother this, so we felt safe.

Q) You were one of the first persons to lodge a complaint about Epstein’s heinous crimes. So, what kind of help did you get from NYPD and the FBI? Were they helpful or they didn’t take you seriously?

Maria: NOT HELPFUL AT ALL. I really like NYPD, because they are typically the good guys in my experience. However, they thought I was bat-shit crazy when I told them everything. They didn't even write it down because it was “not in their jurisdiction". They sent me home with the phone number of someone from the FBI. Years later, just months prior to Epstein’s arrest, a detective named Phalen was sent to me by Cyrus Vance. He was accompanied by the coolest NYPD detective named Carrie, and Martha Bashford, a prosecutor. They specialized in crimes against children. When they called to tell me "FBI took the case" away from them, they told me how sorry they were. 

Maria Farmer in her younger days (Photo Courtesy: Maria Farmer)


Q) So, the FBI didn’t help you at all. Did you even get witness protection because you were going against some of the most powerful people in the world?

Maria: The FBI didn't offer witness protection, even though I told them I was reporting people who did such heinous crimes. Then, in 2006, they came to ask me to help them put Epstein away finally. They found me in the woods, hiding from Ghislaine. They also went to Annie, in Austin for grad school. They promised us they were going to take down this cabal of child traffickers and child pornography. We were given an agent who was really supportive. They used her and made her sign that agreement. She wanted justice. Both times I asked, I was denied witness protection. The FBI's continued abuse is harrowing.

Q) Did you get an explanation from Graydon Carter after he omitted the accounts of your and your sister's experiences from the Vanity Fair article? 

Maria: Never. Graydon is a disgusting slob who lies about it. He claims I didn’t have the backing. I had some of the most influential names back my truth. After that scenario, I wasn’t sure who to believe. 

Q) I needed to ask you about the Black Book everyone's talking about. Do you think the FBI has it? And if they do, why isn't the book in public yet officially?

Maria: I have an un-censored copy of the black book. The book will tell you who the enemies are, I found a couple of good guys like Joan Rivers and RFK Jr. He (RFK Jr.) is not a part of this group whatsoever. He merely had the unfortunate experience of going on a few dates with the vile Christina Oxenberg. There are videos where Oxenberg is talking about Maxwell. It’s disgusting. Some of the people have also claimed that they knew what Maxwell and Epstein were doing. It’s impossible for them to have known Maxwell and not know about the crimes. I am so grateful to GOD that it is not my duty to forgive them. I can’t do it.

Former President Bill Clinton and disgraced billionaire Jeffrey Epstein (William J. Clinton Presidential Library)


Q) You and all the other survivors have become such good friends and created such a beautiful bond with each other. How about your relationship with Virginia Giuffre, Michelle, and others?

Maria: Those girls are brilliant, each one I know. They are the most intelligent, kind, loving, beautiful, and talented women I have ever known. I cry when I think of them because I am so proud of their survival and that they continue to thrive. Michelle is an angel. Marijke is as well. I cannot even say enough great things. Virginia is literally a superhero. The fact that she survived such horrors, public ridicule, and waited so patiently for justice is astounding to me.

Two of the purported victims of multi-millionaire Jeffrey Epstein, Michelle Licata (L) and Courtney Wild leave a Manhattan court house after a hearing on sex trafficking charges for financier Jeffrey Epstein on July 08, 2019 in New York City. Epstein is charged with having operated a sex trafficking ring in which he sexually abused dozens of underage girls.(Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)


Q) How did you learn about Epstein's death?

Maria: I learned about his death the day Julie K Brown, an American journalist, was supposed to fly to meet Annie and me. Julie stood us up after Annie had flown to me. She never called to tell us we were being stood up. She stood us up to fly to the FBI conference and take credit for the arrest! Berman set it up for the masses to believe since most didn't know. However, I had gone to the FBI 25 years prior and Berman knew that well. They tried to erase me that day. Being erased is dangerous when dealing with the mob. I learned Epstein died when I watched Berman and Julie Brown lie like rugs, as Berman pulled out a pointer and gestured to his 50 cent poster of Epstein. I actually grieved his death, which was strange.

Q) Now that the trial is going and the proceedings have started, you and Virginia are not on the list of people testifying during the trial. Do you think that you were kept out of it on purpose? 

Maria: Of course, it was on purpose. The FBI has snubbed us both. We know more than anyone and they didn’t want all those things to be revealed. Virginia is the most important witness against them all. 

Q) Do you think justice will be finally served through Maxwell's trial? And if it does, what would it mean to you and your sister?

Maria: When it comes to this pedo ring, there is no justice. Maxwell must be put away, as a first step. The Black Book is full of co-conspirators that must go down as well. I believe Wexner was the head of this ring and without his arrest, there is no justice. Everyone involved in this case should be held accountable. 

Q) Lastly, is there anything you would want to tell the world before other survivors also take the stand during the trial? Any message? That should make people aware of the whole situation. 

Maria: Nothing is as it appears in this international pedo ring. People need to dig deep and become aware, or children will never be safe.

The trial was adjourned on Thursday after a lawyer in the case fell ill and needed medical attention. When the trial resumes, Annie Farmer - the fourth and only named accuser to take the stand - is expected to testify about the abuse she suffered at the hands of Epstein at age 16. 

Annie Farmer and Maria Farmer (Photo Courtesy: Maria Farmer)


All the survivors are expecting this trial to be fair and they finally get the justice they deserved. 

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