'Lady of the house' Ghislaine Maxwell and Epstein often socialized with 'topless' minors

Juan Alessi testified that Ghislaine Maxwell had once told him Jeffrey Epstein did not like being looked in the eyes

                            'Lady of the house' Ghislaine Maxwell and Epstein often socialized with 'topless' minors
Maxwell was arrested on July 2, 2020, and is one of the few remaining links investigators have to Epstein (US Attorney Office)

As the trial of Ghislaine Maxwell began on November 29, 2021, some questions may finally be answered about the sex scandal involving late Jeffery Epstein. Epstein’s longtime housekeeper Juan Alessi on Thursday, December 2, testified that Ghislaine Maxwell was the “lady of the house” at Epstein's Florida mansion. Several young women in their 20s, he said, hung out there, often "topless and socializing" with Epstein and Maxwell. He said two of them appeared to be minors. Alessi's employment at Epstein's ended in 2002. 

Alessi said that one of the two 'Jane' in the court was one of the minors he had seen -- a “striking, beautiful” girl who looked to be around 14 or 15 back them. He said that the other minor was Virginia Roberts Giuffre, who has accused Epstein and Maxwell of sex-trafficking her when she was in her teens.


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Alessi recalled how Maxwell had first met Giuffre in the parking lot of Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort. Maxwell had asked him to stop the car so she could step out and talk to the girl. He would be instructed either by Epstein or Maxwell to shuttle Jane or Giuffre to the mansion. 

Alessi described how the British socialite had given him a very long checklist of instructions, including how the staff must present themselves and address her and Epstein. Alessi claimed that it was something he found “very degrading". He testified that Maxwell had once told him Epstein did not like being looked in the eyes. “You should never look at his eyes,” he said Maxwell ordered him.


Prosecutors asked Alessi to flip through a 58-page employee handbook and tell them which of the pages he could recognize. After the lengthy process, Alessi was sent back and asked to read some of the instructions aloud. “Remember that you see nothing, hear nothing, say nothing, except to answer a question directed at you,” one of the commands read. “Try to anticipate the needs of Mr. Epstein, Ms. Maxwell and their guests,” stated another. 

Maxwell was arrested on July 2, 2020, and is one of the few remaining links to Epstein after he suspiciously died in jail. The trial is likely to finally tell us how far and wide Epstein's sex trafficking ring goes. Ghislaine Maxwell, a British socialite and Epstein’s former girlfriend, is accused of having been part of a sex trafficking racket run by convicted pedophile Jeffery Epstein. She was arrested in July 2020 while she was hiding in New Hampshire. Maxwell, who was in a relationship with Epstein during the '90s, is accused of helping the billionaire sexually exploit girls. US District Judge Alison J Nathan, after being sworn in, reminded the jury that they must rely solely on the evidence provided in the courtroom. 

In March 2021, two new US federal charges were filed against Maxwell -- of being part of a sex trafficking conspiracy and sex trafficking of a minor. Before these two charges were added to the indictment, Maxwell was already facing six more -- conspiracy to entice minors, and enticement of a minor, to travel to engage in illegal sex acts; conspiracy to transport minors, and transportation of a minor, with intent to engage in criminal sexual activity, and two of perjury. So far, she has denied all of these charges.