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Jeffrey Epstein had framed photo of NAKED Ghislaine Maxwell on his desk at home

There were several other paintings of nude women hanging on the walls of Epstein's mansion, mostly in voyeuristic postures
A framed naked photo of Ghislaine Maxwell (R) was found in Jeffrey Epstein's mansion search (Patrick McMillan/Getty Images, US DOJ)
A framed naked photo of Ghislaine Maxwell (R) was found in Jeffrey Epstein's mansion search (Patrick McMillan/Getty Images, US DOJ)

Amid the ongoing trial of former British socialite and Jeffrey Epstein associate Ghislaine Maxwell, several shocking photographs have emerged from the late financier's mansion. As part of the case, prosecutors publicly released over 60 photographs offering a glimpse inside the infamous Palm Beach mansion of Jeffrey Epstein, where a lot of his sex trafficking and pedophilic activities allegedly took place. Most of the images were captured during an elaborate search of the 'House of Sin' mansion in 2005, alongside video tours of the luxury residence. 

In one particular room, investigators found a framed photo of Ghislaine Maxwell lying naked on a beach. Another portrait of her was also found hanging on the wall above a work desk. The naked photo had become infamous back in 2005 when investigators first chanced upon the same. It has now resurfaced in the news after prosecutors presented the photo as evidence during the trial. Maxwell is currently facing six charges of sexual abuse and trafficking for her alleged involvement in Epstein's 'sexual pyramid scheme' scandal. 


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Prosecutors claimed that the interiors of Epstein's mansion presented a hypersexualized atmosphere, which might have allowed him to pressurize the young and underage victims. The naked photo of Maxwell in a frame only substantiated how sexual encounters were an unhinged phenomenon at the billionaire's house. Though Maxwell's defense attorney argued that it was unfair to call the house a 'domicile of debauchery', the picture played a significant role in the trial. 

Alongside, there were several other paintings of nude women hanging on the walls, mostly in voyeuristic postures. In one of the paintings, a woman's bare buttocks were visible while in another, two naked women were lying on a bed together. There were also photos of naked people in Epstein's shower room, where a red sofa was kept. Another seemingly naked photo of an unidentified woman also hung from one of the doors. 

In another picture, multiple boxes of tissues can be seen on bedside tables. Other rooms were seen with high piles of books with small water bottles curiously placed around them. In the previous week, prosecutors presented Epstein's massage table as evidence, as police officer Michael Dawson testified, "We were looking for massage tables, we were looking for massage oils, we were looking for sex toys, we were looking for correspondence."

Meanwhile, a former British model took the stand on Monday, December 6, and revealed how Ghislaine Maxwell lured her into Jeffrey Epstein’s orbit when she was only 17. The woman, identified as 'Kate', claimed that she was asked to recruit other girls to give Epstein oral sex. Kate claimed that Maxwell introduced her to Epstein at her London townhouse in the early 1990s, and convinced her to give the late pedophile a sexual massage. 

Maxwell also tried to make Kate recruit other women to give Epstein oral sex, telling her he liked “cute, young, pretty” girls, “like you.” “She would ask me if I knew anybody to come and give Jeffrey a blowjob because it was a lot for her to do,” recalled Kate, a former actress. Kate, who is now 44, said that the duo claimed that they knew powerful people like Prince Andrew and Donald Trump, and promised to help with her budding career in music. “She was friends with Prince Andrew, friends with Donald Trump. Sometimes their names would just come up or she would be talking on the phone about them with me present,” the witness said.