Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein was funded by ex-girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell's tycoon father Robert

Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein was funded by ex-girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell's tycoon father Robert
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Sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein died last year on August 10, a month after his arrest from Teterboro Airport in New Jersey on charges of sex trafficking. That didn’t interfere with the investigations as there were numerous questions about his crimes, life, wealth and associates — answers to which are yet to be determined. As part of the investigation, in July this year, Epstein’s ex-girlfriend and longtime associate Ghislaine Maxwell was arrested. She was charged with grooming girls as young as 14 for Epstein.

There's been a new development in the investigations related to Epstein's wealth and investigators have sworn testimony claiming that he was funded by Ghislaine’s father Robert Maxwell. Epstein had amassed a huge fortune for himself during his lifetime, sources of which were obscure and now an insider has revealed to outlet The Sun that he was funded by Robert. 

Frenchman Jean Luc-Brunel, a model scout and also a friend of Epstein, is said to have spoken about Robert’s involvement to his friends almost 20 years ago. The claim has since been passed onto US lawyers who are investigating Epstein and his co-conspirators, in the form of sworn testimony. A close associate of Brunel told the outlet, "He was having a conversation with some acquaintances in New York City around 2002. Jean-Luc was telling them how Ghislaine's father Robert Maxwell was one of the reasons why Jeffrey Epstein had money."

The associate further added, "He said Maxwell had been one of Epstein's early investment clients. I assumed that Maxwell had invested in Epstein, who then used that money to make his own. Jean-Luc also started talking about a book featuring Robert Maxwell and wanted to get hold of a copy straight away."

Epstein gained recognition in the financial world in the '80s as he founded his money management firm called J Epstein and Co in 1982. According to Vox, he specifically marketed his services to "those with assets worth more than $1 billion" and operated his company out of the US Virgin Islands for tax reasons. Epstein lived in a massive townhouse, appeared to be wealthy and also donated a lot of money to a number of causes before being arrested. He was worth $577,672,654, according to a will signed just two days before he died by suicide.

His financer, Czech-born businessman Robert, moved to Britain after the second World War and built a publishing empire. In 1991, he toppled off his yacht and his body was found floating in the Atlantic Ocean. Later, it was discovered that Robert was a fraud who had swindled hundreds of millions of pounds from his own company’s pension funds.

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