GFriend's Sowon joins B.I's IOK Company as an actress, fans say 'she's in good hands'

After GFriend's disbandment, Sowon joins B.I's company IOK Company as an actress

                            GFriend's Sowon joins B.I's IOK Company as an actress, fans say 'she's in good hands'
Sowon joins IOK Company as an actress (@GFRDofficial/Instagram)

Sowon was the leader of the popular third-gen girl group GFriend. Having debuted in 2015, GFriend was a successful group with several rookie of the year awards to being the first girl group to be interviewed for a project by the Grammy’s. They were also the first girl group ever to be nominated at the MTV Europe Music Awards in their rookie year and had several hit singles like ‘Me Gustas Tu’ and ‘Mago’. However, they ended up disbanding quite recently in May 2021.

Fans all over the world were disappointed but are eager to see what each of the members will do next. Back in June, Yerin had joined Sublime Artist Agency which had also scouted GOT7’s Youngjae and partnered up with his member Jackson Wang after they left their old agency. And now the leader of the girl group, Sowon has also found a new home with B.I’s IOK Company.

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Sowon joins B.I’s company

IOK Company is an entertainment agency that handles artists as well as produces and distributes TV shows. Last year, they ended up appointing former iKON leader, B.I as their youngest executive director. Branching out, last week they also bought all of the shares of YNK Entertainment. It is an acting agency that manages popular actors like Shin Hye-sun and Kim Hyun-joo. 

IOK Company originally also handles artists like Kim Ha-neul and Ko Hyun-jung. And now, they have signed an exclusive contract with Sowon. Having studied and majored in acting, the idol has joined the agency as an actress. She has also decided to go by her real name, Kim So-jung. While she doesn’t have any acting credits yet, expectations are high as she has handled several variety shows as the main host with ease.

While many were speculating if IOK would be branching out to music and would be helping Sowon with her solo music career, the company has stated that she will be focusing on her acting projects. However, there is still hope for a solo music debut since IOK also shared that other than acting Kim So-jung aka Sowon will also be active in various other fields.

'Best leader idol'

Fans were happy for her as they went on Twitter to hype her up. One tweeted, “Sowon is belong to GFRIEND, Sowon is leader GFRIEND forever. But now, she is start a new journey as Actress Kim Sojung. I'll support her no matter what name she use.” Another tweeted, “Congratulations, girls. And yes, i'll always be here waiting for you, Eunha, Yuju, SinB and Umji and continue to support you on whatever paths you'll be taking in the future. Do what's best for you, OT6!”

One tweeted, “Sowon will use her full name just like most of all actor/actress, she's going to be Actress Kim Sojung now. But she will always be our best leader idol GFRIEND's Sowon!” Another tweeted, “She had done enough impact as Gfriend's Sowon. Now, we look forward to her future works as Actress Kim Sojung. We will always support you.” One tweeted, “Sowon’s debut as a member and leader of GFRIEND on the left and Kim Sojung’s debut as an actress on the right. The only glow up that matters.”

Another shared, "I tripped lmao even though sowon will choose the actress part for her, b.i is still the executive director of iok company. In conclusion, if it's confirmed then sowon is in good hands ."