Jinhwan confirms iKON comeback and hints at solo album, fans call him the 'perfect human'

Fans already believe that he is working on his solo project since his recent photos on social media have been in the recording studio

                            Jinhwan confirms iKON comeback and hints at solo album, fans call him the 'perfect human'
Fans are celebrating 'Jinhwan Day' (gnani_____/Instagram)

In a recent interview with Marie Claire Korea, iKON’s Jay aka Jinhwan spilt the beans on his group’s future projects. Previously, IKONICs had a field day when the group teased Jinhwan about a photo he had posted on Weverse with the caption ‘MY Mood’. Many fans believe that it might have something to do with iKON’s next album or even Jinhwan’s solo debut.

While iKON was sort of inactive last year, they’ve come back with full force after their participation in the survival show ‘Kingdom’. We got several covers, remakes and iconic stages featuring original songs like ‘At Ease’. After their stint on the show, they joined HYBE’s social media platform Weverse, where they promised to be more active and interact with fans.

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Jinhwan talks about next comeback

Along with that, they’ve also got their very own reality show after almost a year. And fans were in awe when it was announced that Jinhwan would be appearing in a special feature for Marie Claire’s September issue. In a sneak-peek released by the magazine, we saw snippets of the interview and a couple of photos from the pictorial spread. Jinhwan revealed that after taking a break since ‘Kingdom’ ended, iKON is now working on their next album.


He explained, “I want to make good music that meets expectations, but at the same time, I feel impatient because I don't want the fans to wait too long.” He also added that he was trying to make better music. He also let it slip that after exploring the idea of being ‘iKON-like’ with his group, he wanted to release a solo album. Fans already believe that he is working on it since his recent photos on social media have been in the recording studio.

Jinhwan added that he wanted to create a well-balanced solo project with performances that incorporate his vocals, as well as dance. He also added that he loves being on stage due to the rush of emotions from nervousness to excitement, and how they get amplified which he can’t normally feel.

Jinhwan for Marie Claire Korea (@marieclairekorea/Instagram)


Perfect for the fall, the K-pop idol is seen sporting soothing colors with a pink suit, silk shirts and tweed jackets in the Marie Claire photoshoot. The shoot also accentuates the heart-shaped mole on his cheek as well as his tattoos on his forearm. The dreamy looks were curated by Seo Jin-kyeong, Hong Yun-ha and Oh Eun-ju. The photographer was Chae Dae-han and the editor in charge was Kang Ye-sol.

'Jinhwan day'

Fans took to Twitter to trend Jinhwan as they hyped up the shoot and shared their excitement over iKON and Jinhwan’s upcoming projects. They also assured him, “No matter what happens or how long it will be, we're always here patiently waiting for your music and we can't wait to see u shine further on stage.” Another iKONIC posted about the photoshoot, “I stared at this picture for a long time , I MEANNN how can a human be this perfect.” On the news of an iKON comeback, Jinhwan solo and his photoshoot all on the same day, fans proclaimed it as “Jinhwan day.” Fans also posted tweets like, “Kim jinhwan ended all models' career,” and “Models should be grateful that kim jinhwan chose music.”






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