‘iKON's Type: One Summer Night’: Air time, how to stream K-pop group's new reality travel show

iKON will go on a bonding trip for 3 days and 2 nights where they'll get to see how well they truly know each other

                            ‘iKON's Type: One Summer Night’: Air time, how to stream K-pop group's new reality travel show

The iconic K-pop boy group iKON are finally getting a new reality show after almost a year. They last appeared on the reality show ‘I LOG U’ in July 2020. After that they got busy with their digital single ‘Why Why Why,’ which they released in March 2021. After that, they competed in the fierce survival show ‘Kingdom’ and released several legendary covers and songs like ‘At ease’. And now they’re appearing on ‘iKON's Type: One Summer Night’.

All of the members will be appearing on the show as they go on a healing trip to Gangneung. The premise of the show is stated as, “They are going to spend their quality time together, to strengthen their relationships with one another. They will also go for numerous special missions to make the trip even more fun.” iKON will be staying for 3 days and 2 nights and will see how well they truly know each other.

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iKON's new reality show (@sssong6823/Twitter)

Air time

iKON’s reality show will air from August 20 every Friday at 11 am KST (August 19 at 10 pm ET).

How to watch

It will be available on the South Korean OTT platform ‘wavve’ and the Thai app ‘TrueID’. They will be checking in at a traditional Korean house which is also called a ‘hanok’. The group was excited about the idea and even pitched in ideas while discussions of the reality show were going on. Each one of them will partner up with a member called ‘Kingmate' and will room with them. It was also teased that the boys got deep and honest as they had heart-to-hearts that even shocked the filming crew.

However, it has also been revealed that one member may not have had a fun time. Yunhyeong aka Song seems to have teamed up with a ‘Kingmate’ who is the polar opposite of him hinting that for him, the trip did not kick off smoothly. But it could all be a part of the script since fans know that the members have lived together for a decade and get along with each other very well.


Jinhwan’s solo venture

Along with the news of the reality show, there are also rumors of an iKON comeback or a solo album by Jinhwan aka Jay. While the members hilariously teased him for a photo with the caption ‘MY Mood’, iKONICS believe that the caption may have something to do with his solo project. Additionally, he will also be gracing Marie Claire’s September issue with a special feature. Fans feel like it is a promotional activity to tease his solo debut.

'How to function'

With the show being produced by SM Entertainment’s SM C&C, fans are hilariously trying to get them to also manage the group’s next comeback with tweets like “Hi bestie, @SMTOWNGLOBAL when is iKON's cb?” and “@SMTOWNGLOBAL when is iKON comeback.” With NCT known for adding new members every year, a fan joked, “I saw someone say ikon is the new nct unit hELP ME.” Meanwhile an iKONIC found SM’s connection to iKON’s show funny, “iKONICS now asking SM for iKON’s comeback ksksjssb.”






A fan was excited about the possibility of a Jinhwan solo, “JINHWAN IN MARIE CLAIRE SEPTEMBER ISSUE AND THE POSSIBILITY OF KJH1 COMING SOON OMFG HOW TO FUNCTION PROPERLY.” Another iKONIC tweeted, “iKON comeback announcement next.” One said, “iKON CONTENT IS HAPPENING NOBODY F**KING MOVE.”





They were also eager for the reality show as they showed their support, “iKON looks so happy, after how many years, we have found their genuine smile again. also, look how each one of them is glowing, they really looked happy and healthy. please, protect them at all cost, don't let anyone take that genuine smile again. iKON only have iKONICs ♡.” Another posted, “iKON's type is gonna be heal trip for them, they'll make us cry again I can't.”