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Jason Aldean praises anti-mask concertgoers but INSISTS fans are masked during meet-and-greet

The musician's comment about not 'one f***ing mask' in sight got his audience roaring 'USA, USA!'
UPDATED AUG 16, 2021
Jason Aldean was very excited to see 'not a f**king' mask in sight (Photo by Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images)
Jason Aldean was very excited to see 'not a f**king' mask in sight (Photo by Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images)

Popular country singer Jason Aldean was excited to be back on the stage for his fans in a post lockdown concert last week, but his banter between songs left many people infuriated. Thrilled that attendees were not masked, Aldean said he was so happy that he "might play all night." But it was his comment about not "one f***ing mask" in sight that got his audience roaring with chants of "USA, USA!"

Aldean isn't the only prominent musician to have expressed anti-mask beliefs. His own wife, Brittany, was slammed last year for supporting Trump fans by allegedly 'creating divisiveness'. Country rockstar Aaron Lewis was also slammed for releasing a 'patriotic' diss track against Bruce Springsteen and the far left. Christian singer Matthew West also had to apologize on Instagram and delete a new song asking his daughters to dress 'More Amish, less Kardashian'.

But the backlash against Aldean was much more aggressive as Twitter users unanimously called him out for "knowing better" as one user alleged that the musician asked fans to put on masks for in-person meet and greets after the concert.


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Recording Artist Jason Aldean and Brittany Aldean attend BMG's New Location Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting at BMG on September 10, 2019 in Nashville, Tennessee. (Photo by Jason Davis/Getty Images)

The concert last week in New York saw hordes of Aldean fans whom he greeted with: "I gotta be honest, my favorite thing about coming back, it’s been 17 months since me and the guys were on tour last, alright?" Aldean further said: "This is our first weekend back and who knows what’s going to happen next week so, shit we might play all night tonight, I don’t know ’cause I don’t if they’re going to let us play next week. But, you know the coolest thing about all this, the coolest thing to me right now… is that I’m looking out, seeing all you guys, and I don’t see one f–king mask. I’ve had just about enough of that s–t.”

And in videos of the concert posted on Twitter, the crowd can be seen breaking into loud chants of "USA!" the moment Aldean expresses distaste for the Covid-19 guideline and mandates. And this is exactly what earned the musician social media's ire. Taking to Twitter, one user quipped: "Don't see one Fucking Mask Just a BUNCH OF FUCKING IDIOTS". Another angry person said: "Once again: fuck you @Jason_Aldean you should be ashamed of yourself, putting the very folks who pay for your lifestyle and pay your bills at such risk. The fact he made them mask during meets just proves he fucking KNOWS better and knows this pandemic is real."



Other people too left impassioned tweets slamming the singer: "Anti maskers and people who won't get vaxxed have blood on their hands. And then you have people like @Jason_Aldean praising his fans because he 'doesn't see a fucking mask anywhere,' and 'he is fucking over it.' Okay, tough guy. Pray you and yours don't catch the variant."

Another asked the singer, "R u serious? that you made a point to announce your happy you saw no masks at your show at Jones Beach. Well I’m here and wearing a mask proudly cause I care about the health and safety of myself and others.#MaskUp u wanna keep performing maybe support mask wearing". Another person recounted their personal encounter with Aldean's anti-mask fans by tweeting: "Lmfao a bunch of white people in cowboy hats that came from a Jason Aldean concert got mad at me bc when they asked me why I was wearing a mask while bartending I said, 'Because I’m serving a bunch of white people in cowboy hats that just came from a Jason Aldean concert'.”