MINDFLAYED: Jamie Campbell Bower sings Lizzo's 'About Damn Time' in his Vecna voice on 'Tonight Show'

MINDFLAYED: Jamie Campbell Bower sings Lizzo's 'About Damn Time' in his Vecna voice on 'Tonight Show'
Jamie took the microphone and conjured up his Vecna voice to deliver lines from Lizzo's 'About Damn Time' (Photo The Tonight Show/ Twitter)

Jamie Campbell Bower, who plays 'Stranger Things' villain Vecna, visited 'The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon' on August 2, Tuesday to talk about prosthetics and his acting process. However, the fans got a special treat when he was given a microphone and asked to read aloud Lizzo's lyrics to 'About Damn Time' in Vecna's scary voice.

Despite his appearances in the 'Twilight' trilogy and 'The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones,' Jamie did not garner the acclaim he deserved for his acting talent. However, with 'Stranger Things 4,' in which Jamie plays the malevolent character of Vecna, he quickly became a fan-favorite performer from the Season. 


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'Stranger Things' Season 4: Here's how Jamie Campbell Bower prepared for his role as terrifying Vecna

Jamie shared how 'Stranger Things' has been since he was cast in the popular show and talked about his role as Vecna: the main villain of Season 4. He revealed it took him a long time to find the voice: “It took a few months to get it right,” Jamie told Jimmy Fallon.

“I was there at the table read with everyone, I sat behind Millie [Bobby Brown], and I was doing the voice. It started in this very nasally area, kind of more like Freddie Krueger, and it just wasn’t landing,” he said. He went on to explain how he perfected his voice: “So I went home and worked on it, did a bunch of reference work on like, ‘Hellraiser’ and Doug Bradley particularly,” added Jamie. “And it said that you know, this deep, booming voice kind of comes out of the darkness.” 

On 'The Tonight Show,' Fallon usually keeps it light and entertaining with his guests, choosing games or activities for them to participate in and highlighting their specific talents. During this show, Fallon requested Jamie to read legendary quotes (including some Lizzo lyrics) in his now-iconic Vecna voice. The audience cheered profusely and Jimmy leaped with delight when Jamie read aloud “In a minute I’ma need a sentimental man or woman to pump me up, “Feeling fussy, walkin’ in my Balenci-ussy’s, tryna bring out the fabulous.” 


Here's how fans reacted on Twitter. They thought Jamie was lovely and were blown away by his performance as Vecna.

One fan wrote, "This was awesome haha thanks for bringing Jamie to the show."

Another wrote, "Jamie Campbell Bower doing the Vecna voice on Jimmy Fallon has me in shambles right now."

One user wrote an open letter to Lizzo, "Open Letter To @lizzo. Dear Lizzo, I used to love hearing you singing 'About Damn Time.' But now I can only hear Jamie singing with his Vecna voice. I'm sorry. Really. Love u."

"I can't take Vecna seriously anymore knowing that he recited Lizzo's song like this." Wrote another.

One user tweeted, "Mindflay me." 







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