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Addison Rae

Addison Rae

Addison Rae Easterling is one of the prominent social media personalities today. The talented TikTok star is a singer, dancer and actor. She is also a successful entrepreneur. Addison rose to fame in 2019 when she started making dancing and lip-syncing videos on TikTok, amassing millions of followers on the platform. Currently, she is the fourth most-followed individual on the platform. Across social media platforms, she has gained over 136 million followers in just four years.

Full Name

Addison Rae Easterling

Date of Birth

October 6, 2000


23 years


Lafayette, Louisiana, USA






55 kg (2023)


Monty Lopez and Sheri Easterling



Marital status



Omer Fedi


TikToker, Singer, Actor, Dancer and Social media personality


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@AddisonRae -

Addison Rae Easterling is one of the prominent social media personalities today. The talented TikTok star is a singer, dancer and actor. She is also a successful entrepreneur. Addison rose to fame in 2019 when she started making dancing and lip-syncing videos on TikTok, amassing millions of followers on the platform. Currently, she is the fourth most-followed individual on the platform. Across social media platforms, she has gained over 136 million followers in just four years.

Early life and family background

Addison was born on October 6, 2000 to Monty Lopez and Sheri Easterling in Lafayette, Louisiana. She was raised with two younger brothers Enzo Lopez and Lucas Lopez. She also has an older half sister. Addison’s parents had a rough marriage and got divorced when she was young, before remarrying in 2017. Her parents are also present on TikTok with huge following. Her family has a TikTok account called ‘The Rae Family’, where she keeps getting featured alongside her family members. At the age of six, Addison became passionate about dancing and started participating in competitions across the country.


Addison was a dancer, gymnast and a cheerleader when she went to Calvary Baptist Academy in Shreveport, Louisiana. After that, she attended Louisiana State University (LSU), Baton Rouge, where she studied sports broadcasting in the fall but then dropped out after she became popular on TikTok.

Before Fame

In 2014, when Addison was 8 years old, she first shared a post on her Instagram account. It won’t be wrong to say that her obsession with dance led her to her success and fame. Around the time she got herself enrolled in college, she was first introduced to TikTok. When she started making dancing and lip-syncing videos, she realized that her videos were being watched by many people. It’s when she became active and more consistent on the platform. Before quitting college, some executives from Los Angeles contacted Addison and tried convincing her to become a full-time social media personality. With her parents’ support and permission, Addison grabbed the opportunity at hand she moved to Los Angeles.

Addison Rae Career (2019- Present)

TikTok journey:

  • Addison made her debut on TikTok in July 2019
  • She gained fame by sharing dance videos set to popular songs
  • Currently, she has 88.6 million followers on the platform
  • Addison became a part of The Hype House, a renowned TikTok collaborative group, right from its formation in December 2019
    ● Addison Rae's journey on TikTok was nothing short of meteoric. In just a blink, her follower count catapulted past the one-million mark
    ● In November 2019, she made a pivotal decision to quit college (LSU), setting her sights firmly on a career in the social media spotlight

Expanding Across Platforms:
● Realizing her potential, Addison decided to take her social media presence more seriously
● Addison ventured into YouTube and Instagram, actively engaging her audience on these platforms. She now boasts a subscriber count of 4.3 million on YouTube and a follower count of 37.1 million on Instagram

Talent Agency Signing:
● In January 2020, Addison and her parents signed with talent agency WME, indicating the growing scope of her career

Podcast Ventures:
● In July 2020, Addison introduced a weekly podcast exclusive to Spotify called "Mama Knows Best," where she discussed personal and career-related topics with her mother
● The podcast evolved in 2021, being rebranded as "That was Fun? With Addison and Sheri"

● Addison expanded her career beyond social media by launching Item Beauty, her cosmetics line
● She assumed the role of Chief Innovation Officer for Item Beauty and co-founded it with Madeby Collective

Acting Debut:
● Addison made her acting debut in "He's All That," a modern adaptation of the 1999 teen comedy "She's All That"
● Her role was inspired by the character Zachary Siler from the original film
● "He's All That" premiered on Netflix in August 2021 and achieved high viewership, although it received mixed reviews from critics

Netflix Deal:
● Following her acting debut, Addison signed a deal with Netflix, showcasing her venture into the entertainment industry’

Other Projects:
● Addison joined the cast of the upcoming movie "Fashionista," produced by Paramount, as announced on February 2, 2022
● She secured a role in Eli Roth's film "Thanksgiving" on February 23, 2023
● In addition, on May 12, 2023, Addison was cast alongside Ryan Reynolds for a live-action hybrid movie titled "Animal Friends"


● In 2020, Addison got nominated for "The Social Star of 2020" at People's Choice Awards
● The same year, she was nominated for "Creator of the Year" and "Breakout Creator" at the Streamy Awards
● In 2021, she was nominated for "Favorite Female Social Star" at Kids' Choice Awards
● The same year, Addison was nominated for "Breakthrough Social Star" at MTV Movie & TV Awards
● She won the Streamy Award in the "Lifestyle Creator" category in 2021
● The same year, she was also nominated for "The Social Star of 2021" at People's Choice Awards
● In 2022, at Kids' Choice Awards, she was nominated for "Favorite Social Music Star" and "Favorite Female Creator"
● The same year, she was nominated for "The Social Star of 2022" at People's Choice Awards
● In 2022, she was nominated for "Global Creator" at MTV Millennial Awards
● She was again nominated at Streamy Awards for "Creator of the Year" in 2022

  • In 2023, she was nominated at the Kids' Choice Awards for "Favorite Female Creator"


Earnings and Endorsements:

  • In August 2020, Forbes reported that Addison had earned an impressive $5 million in 2022 leading up to June. This significant income primarily came from endorsement deals and merchandise sales.
    ● Notably, this made her the highest-earning TikTok star at the time

Brand Collaborations:
● Addison's TikTok success opened doors for collaborations with renowned companies
● She partnered with notable brands such as Reebok, L'Oréal, Hollister, and American Eagle
● In July 2020, Addison joined forces with American Eagle for their #AExME Back to School '20 campaign
● This campaign included a virtual photoshoot conducted in Addison's bedroom, adapting to the unique circumstances of the pandemic

Social Media Following

Addison has amassed over 136 millions followers across social media platforms. She has 88.6 million followers on TikTok, 4.7 million followers on Twitter (X), 37.1 million followers on Instagram, 1.3 million followers on Threads, 539K followers on Facebook and 4.3 million subscribers on YouTube.

Addison Rae Net Worth (2023)

As of 2023, Addison Rae’s reported net worth lies between $15 million to $16 million. Her annual income is estimated to be $1 million. Her impressive revenue comes from YouTube AdSense by endorsing brands and products on her social media accounts -- TikTok and Instagram. She also earns well from her singing and acting career.


According to Celebrity Net Worth, Addison's annual income from social media activities, excluding TikTok, is estimated to be $300K. She potentially rakes in somewhere between $176K-$352K per sponsored post on her TikTok channel.


She also earns around $300K per year from sponsored posts on Instagram alone


According to Social Blade, the Addison Rae YouTube channel makes between $98 and $1,600 a month in revenue from AdSense alone, with earnings ranging from $1,200 to $18,800. The Addison Rae YouTube channel is assessed to be worth $193,990 on its own by Net Worth Spot. The channel generates an estimated $48,500 in revenue annually based on the assumption that YouTube channels make between $3 and $7 for every thousand views. These are very cautious estimates, though, and Rae may make over $87,300 a year on her YouTube channel by herself.

Real Estate

Addison lives in a luxurious bungalow worth $3 million, located in one of the most affluent areas of Los Angeles, California. The property boasts of six bedrooms, 7.5-bathroom, infinity pool, panoramic views, grand entrance, and is built on over 0.58 acres of land. The house offers over 6,399 square feet of living space.


Although there is no recent update on cars Addison owns, in 2022, she had a collection of the following luxury cars- Tesla Model X Custom (Pink Matte) valued at $100K, Jeep Wrangler worth $35K, Mercedes AMG G-63 worth $200K and a Rolls Royce Cullinan worth $400K.

Brand deals and sponsorships

Addison keeps collaborating with numerous luxury brands, including Pandora, Vital Proteins, IPSY, Alani Nu, Uptown Cheapskate, American Eagle, Chantilly Boutique, Daniel Wellington, Disney, McCary’s Jewelers, Reebok, Nintendo, and Fashion Nova, among others, further solidifying her financial status.

Business Ventures

Along with being a successful TikTok star, singer, actor and dancer, Addison is also a skilled entrepreneur. She has her own fashion and beauty brands, among others.

Addison Rae Fragrance - She has a perfume brand offering divine fragrances. Her water-based scents are exclusively created for women and are supposed to be mood enhancing and skin hydrating.

ITEM Beauty - Addison has her own skin-care brand which offers cruelty-free products.

Bonkers | Addison Rae Doll - Addison created Fashion dolls in 2022. She launched her own 'Barbie' doll in collaboration with Bonkers Toys.

Shop Addison Rae - The fourth-most followed TikTok star has her own fashion label. Her clothing line sells garments, including  tees, tops, hoodies, dresses, hats, leggings, and more, created by independent designers from around the globe.

Philanthropic Act

Addison generously donated $1 million to the No Kid Hungry organization in 2020 as part of her attempt to end child malnutrition in the country. She won the money from an all-star Mario Tennis Aces tournament called the Stay At Home Slam. She also asked her followers to make a donation to the American Cancer Society. Fans of Addison's may enter a drawing to win a ticket to the Los Angeles Super Bowl by making a $10 donation. If they were chosen, the fortunate recipient would get to go to the Super Bowl with Addison.

Addison Rae Controversies

  • The Charli D'Amelio shade - Addison and Charli D'Amelio, prominent TikTok influencers, faced comparisons in 2019. Addison's liking of controversial comments about Charli on TikTok in November 2019 stirred controversy. Dixie D'Amelio, Charli's sister, addressed the situation on Twitter. Addison later apologized for liking the comments and expressed her support for Charli
  • Feud with ex-boyfriend Bryce Hall - In June 2021, Addison posted a bikini photo on Instagram with the caption "thank u, next," which many interpreted as shade toward her ex-boyfriend, Bryce Hall. She also faced speculation of shading Hall when she kissed her "He's All That" co-star, Tanner Buchanan, at the MTV Movie & TV Awards. Bryce Hall responded cryptically, saying, "sucks, but moving on"
  • Addison Rae vs Valkyrae - Addison and gamer influencer Valkyrae were involved in a skincare product Valkyrae launched a skincare line aimed at gamers, which received criticism for overemphasizing the dangers of blue light. Addison launched her own blue light-protecting skincare line shortly after, causing speculation. Valkyrae reacted to it, tweeting, "IM REBRANDING TO JUST VALKY LOL HOW IS THIS REAL?! I wouldn't be surprised if it's the same company"
  • Addison Rae's Donald Trump controversy - Rumors circulated in July 2021 that Addison might support Donald
    Trump after being seen interacting with him at a sporting event. This led to social media users calling for her cancellation, believing it contradicted her previous stance on issues. Allegations emerged that Addison had liked controversial tweets in support of Trump in 2016, which her team denied. Addison later clarified her position in an interview with the Los Angeles Times, stating she didn't support Trump
  • The TikTok dance drama: A Dance for Credit - In a viral moment on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" in March
    2021, Addison Rae found herself at the center of controversy. The dance-savvy TikTok star, along with host Jimmy Fallon, faced accusations of not giving credit to Black creators for the viral TikTok dances they were The incident ignited a social media firestorm, sparking important conversations about the rightful attribution of dance creators on the platform
  • Addison Rae shared an All Lives Matter video - Accusations arose in 2020, suggesting that Addison Rae shared a video
    promoting All Lives Matter over Black Lives Matter. She apologized for her actions on Twitter, expressing regret and pledging to
    be a better ally. The controversy also included accusations of blackfishing and inappropriate
  • Speculations of Addison Rae using the Kardashians for fame - Addison Rae's friendship with Kourtney Kardashian sparked speculation due to their age difference. Some accused Addison of using the Kardashian family for fame
  • TikTok Ban - In October 2021, Addison Rae was temporarily banned from TikTok for a violation of platform guidelines. The exact reason for the ban was not officially confirmed but was speculated to be related to the content she shared on the platform
  • Addison Rae's red carpet incident - Addison Rae faced backlash when it was revealed she would be attending the Met Gala in September 2021. Some questioned her presence at the exclusive fashion event and the significance of the invitation
  • Bra Controversy - In August 2022, Addison Rae posted an Instagram image featuring a bra with the words "Father," "Son," and "Holy Spirit," which was considered offensive to some in the Christian community. The post was later removed following the controversy

Dating Life and Rumors

Omer Fedi - As of 2023, Addison is in a relationship with a Los Angeles-based producer, guitarist and musician, Omer Fedi. They started dating in August 2021. Fedi has worked on popular songs like Lil Nas X’s “Montero (Call Me By Your Name)” and the Kid Laroi and Justin Bieber’s “Stay.” Addison and Fedi’s dating rumors began when thet were photographed holding hands in Los Angeles. Later, Addison shared a photo kissing Fedi on her Instagram account. “Addison and Omar are super into each other,” Us Weekly reported, citing a source. “She’s very into him. She thinks he’s so cool and loves his music.” The insider noted that Omer and Addison have “a lot of mutual friends in common” and that their relationship is “getting serious.”

Jack Harlow - In April 2021, Addison and singer Jack Harlow’s dating rumors surfaced on social media after they were photographed at a Triller Fight Club boxing match. A source told the Instagram account @TikTokRoom that both were seen together for a long time and soon the post went viral. After the incident, Addison’s ex-boyfriend, Bryce Hall, posted a series of cryptic tweets believed to be about her. “I’m about to explode man,” he tweeted. “F**king me, telling me u love me then sneaking around with someone else… that f**king hurts. I feel like such an idiot.” Addison out-rightly denied the rumors in a tweet, saying “I’m single”.

Bryce Hall - In October 2019, Addison confirmed being in relationship with TikToker Bryce Hall through social media posts. The duo that started dating in the fall of 2019, broke up in 2021. In February 2020, Addison revealed that she and Bryce had ended their relationship, but decided to stay friends, Entertainment Tonight reported. “Things happened and then we just decided we’re better off as friends for now because we both have, like, totally different lifestyles right now,” she said. “Right now, we’re better off as friends and we both mutually decided that.” In November 2020, Addison confirmed that she and Bryce were back together in a video on her YouTube channel called “THE TRUTH ABOUT US”. In February 2021, Bryce was accused of cheating on Addison while in Las Vegas, but denied it, “I didn’t cheat on Addison,” he tweeted. Addison reacted to the rumors the following month, in a now-deleted tweet, “disappointed but not surprised”. Later on, it was made known that both of them parted ways because they were “very busy concentrating on their careers” and not because Bryce cheated.

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