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Itzy's Yuna quells concerns over her visible ribcage: ‘Don’t worry’

Fans felt that netizens were body-shaming Yuna in the guise of concern
UPDATED APR 30, 2022
Yuna shares that she's eating well (
Yuna shares that she's eating well (

With K-pop idols and especially female idols known to be put on extreme measures to make sure they fit the current K-pop standard of almost a skinny body shape, fans were worried about Yuna as they claimed she was unhealthy. During Itzy’s first fan meeting, the girls performed ‘Twenty’ in crop tops. And while dancing, Yuna’s ribcage was visible at certain angles.

Some non-fans and Knetizens labeled it as “gross”, but many were concerned about her and speculated that she must be put on a diet or might be having an eating disorder. With Yuna allegedly known to be a foodie and constantly posting pictures of her meals, Itzy fans dismissed it. They, in fact, felt that the misguided concern was leading to body-shaming and would affect Yuna’s self-esteem. However, the K-pop idol has taken it upon herself to personally address the situation.

Is K-pop idol Yuna OK? Itzy star's 'visible ribcage' has fans worried

Itzy fans slam 'misguided concern', call out Knetz for bodyshaming Yuna


Yuna assures fans that she is well

On April 28, Yuna suddenly sent a “thank you” on the K-pop app Bubble which had fans wondering if it was for the supportive messages fans were sending the Itzy star. Then on the next day, she assured Midzys (Itzy’s fandom) that she was “eating well so don’t worry.” She shared that she was eating apple crumble and even asked for dinner menu recommendations.


‘Yuna is healthy’

For those who claimed Yuna might have an eating disorder and must be lying about eating, fans shared clips of the Itzy star eating at various points even when the camera wasn’t on her. One Midzy tweeted, “Yuna is healthy . I asked Yuna at the a signing event. She said she's still on a diet, but she's taking good care of herself. She's good at vitamin C. She's always sharing good food with us on bubble. She's taking care of her health. Don't spread rumors.” Another fan posted, “Yuna sending a random thank you on bbl she prolly knows whats up i really hope this doesnt ruin her confidence or sumn.”



One shared, “It pains me to see Yuna have to shut every rumour through bbl. hwaiting our maknae!!!” Another Midzy wondered, “Chaeryeong sent this on bbl and said she gained weight. Why do i think she was lowkey defending Yuna/ITZY. Stop with the bodyshaming!!! Not because ITZY has become slim compared to before doesn't mean they aren't healthy. Don't make them feel insecure in their body.” 



One fan added, “When yuna singlehandedly shuts down your nosy asses >>>>>>.” Another fan commented, "Save yuna from clowns." One wrote, "Yuna doesn't need anyone's permission or approval to do whatever she wants to her own body. she has a healthy body and she is obviously proud with it. don't f**king ruin her confidence."




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