Itzy's Ryujin donates 50 million won to forest fire victims, fans say 'best girl'

Itzy's Ryujin donates 50 million won to forest fire victims, fans say 'best girl'
Ryujin donates a week before her birthday (@JYPEITZY_JP/Twitter)

The Gangwon forest fire in March was one of the severest wildfires in South Korea. It ended up burning 521 hectares. It is one of the most susceptible areas and has had fire alerts since 2019. In fact, the latest forest fire broke out in the region on April 10 and was even visible from China across the Yellow Sea. Reports state that 37 wildfires have been breaking out since last weekend. Considered a national crisis, many South Korean celebrities have come forward to help those affected including Itzy’s Ryujin.

The K-pop idol donated to The Promises a week before her birthday to help the victims of the forest fire. On April 12, it was announced that Ryujin had donated 50 million won (~$40.5k) to help redevelop the area affected by the Gangwon forest fires and to recover the damage done. The Itzy star explained, “I sincerely hope that it will be a small hope and strength for the victims of the affected area to restore their precious lives.” 

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Ryujin donates 50 million won for forest fire

The charity organization thanked Ryujin for her donation and that they would do their best to help those who had lost their livelihoods and belongings in the forest fire. The Itzy member’s donation will be used to support community programs to help strengthen the communities living in Gangwon like horticulture activities, creating new housing shelters for the victims and reforestation projects to replenish the scorched land.

'What did we do to deserve you'

Midzys (Itzy’s fandom) were touched by Ryujin’s donation and took to Twitter to share their sentiments. One fan tweeted, “I didn't believe that angels are real until shin ryujin was the living proof.” Another posted, “Shin ryujin what did we do to deserve you.” One Midzy joked, “The way she loves money like mr krabs but does things like this 🥺 shin ryujin best girl.” Another shared, “And donating on her birthday week...shin ryujin really...more more more reasons to love her.” One fan commented, “Shin Ryujin keeps setting the bar way too high.” 






Another Midzy was proud, “The girl who said i love you to the deaf midzy, the girl who took midzys letters even she was told not to, the girl who generously gave 50 million won to the areas who are affected. Shin Ryujin, the best girl and i love her unconditionally.” One fan added, “When i say that shin ryujin is the bestest girl to ever exist she's really the bestest girl out there.” Another made a reaction meme, “Literally my standards when I met SHIN RYUJIN :.”




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