Itzy fans slam 'misguided concern', call out Knetz for bodyshaming Yuna

Itzy fans slam 'misguided concern', call out Knetz for bodyshaming Yuna
In the past, Knetizens were praising Yuna for her slim waist (

Itzy’s Yuna has been trending for the past few weeks for her slim waist and long body proportions which had awed fans. Unfortunately, during a performance of ‘Twenty’ during Itzy’s first offline fan meeting, a fancam started making the rounds on Korean chat forums. Since Yuna was wearing a crop top, while dancing, we could see her ribcage visibly against her skin.

A lot of non-fans and Knetizens labeled it as “gross” but many were concerned about Yuna and ended up trending the fancam as they wondered if she had any eating disorders or was made to go through an extreme diet. With K-pop agencies known to put their female idols through extreme measures to fit the standard skinny body shape, some fans wondered if the latter was true. However, Midzys (Itzy’s fan) who feel like they know the Itzy star think the ‘misguided concern’ may do more harm than good.

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Yuna known to be a foodie

Midzys shared photos of pre-debut Yuna and said that she was genetically skinny but healthy and that her ribcage never showed when she was in a normal posture. They claimed that only because of the lighting and the extreme choreography, her ribcage was visible. Fans also shared that the Itzy member was a huge foodie and brought receipts of her enjoying her food and eating even before practice. Hence they feel that if Yuna is happy with her body, Knetizens and non-fans talking about the performance would only hurt her self-esteem.

‘Stop assuming’

Midzys are trending #YunaYouAreBeautiful as they made tweets like, “Thread of yuna the food lover that she is.” Another fan posted, “YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL JUST THE WAY YOU ARE, SHIN YUNA 🤍 ILY.” One Midzy commented, “Stop assuming that a thin body is not healthy, that's yuna's genetics, that's her body type, you can easily see it in her pre-debut photos and from past eras, stop talking about other people's bodies just for likes and attention.”




Another shared, “Full sharpness, turn down brightness and double interaction through my girl. you are so hypocritical, it was obvious that everyone would react if we were in the opposite situation you have to do the same thing AGAIN because bodyshaming is bodyshaming.” One added, “Yuna is pretty. yuna is healthy. stop saying that she's this or that just because she does not fit in your beauty standards. don't ruin her confidence bc she's clearly happy and contented with her body.” Another fan said, “Please treat Yuna kindly and respectfully! Remember that misguided concern often becomes a source of burden rather than an act of care.”




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