'It breaks my heart': Protest march and vigil held for Chase Allan who was gunned down by cops

'It breaks my heart': Protest march and vigil held for Chase Allan who was gunned down by cops
People held a vigil and protest march for Chase Allan (Allan Family handout; KUTV 2 News Salt Lake City/YouTube)

DAVIS COUNTY, UTAH: Chase Allan was shot and killed by Farmington police during a traffic stop on Wednesday, March 1. A vigil and protest march were held for the 25-year-old on Sunday, March 5, during which people marched from the post office parking lot, where the shooting occurred, to the Farmington Police Department holding placards with his photos on them.


Allan's friends and relatives claimed he did not threaten police during the traffic stop. A balloon was also released during the march claiming he was innocent. However, police confirmed that there was a gun in his car.


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Chase Linde Allan, 25, was shot and killed by Farmington police on March 1, 2023 (Allan family handout)
Chase Allan, 25, was shot and killed by Farmington police on March 1 (Allan family handout)


What do relatives and friends of Chase Linde Allan claim? 

Farmington resident Natasha Briggs said, “It breaks my heart that a life was lost, and it's shocking that it happened so close to my own neighborhood." “A routine traffic stop like this should not have resulted in this," said Victoria Dortzbach, a friend of Allan. Allan’s family said in a statement, "We have learned more from media coverage about what occurred than anywhere else right now. Officers claim it was a routine traffic stop, yet the officer requested multiple other officers to the scene a couple blocks prior to the stop. This resulted in the brutal murder of Chase at the hands of 5 Farmington Police officers, with them shooting him while he was still in his automobile and likely terrified for his safety. They shot 12 plus rounds at him while he was still inside the car with the engine running and lights on when reporters arrived."

Further, it added, "Police are stonewalling us. Our family has not been permitted to see Chase and has not been contacted by authorities or justice departments with information surrounding this investigation. Chase lived at home with his parents in Farmington. Our family was not properly notified of Chase’s death as next of kin. We found out about Chase’s death along with the entirety of our community via News Reporters and Articles written online." 


What have the police said? 

In a press statement, police said, "On March 1, 2023, at about 3:22 pm, a Farmington Officer made a traffic stop on a vehicle. The location of the stop was 145 E State Street, Farmington, Utah. The driver of the vehicle was the only occupant. During the stop, the driver became non-compliant with the initial officer. The initial officer called for assistance from other officers. During the confrontation, the initial officer instructed the driver to exit the vehicle, which the driver refused. During an attempt to remove the driver from the vehicle, shots were fired, and the driver was injured."

The statement further added, "The driver was removed from the vehicle, and medical aid was rendered by officers on scene. The driver of the vehicle was identified as Chase Allan (25) and transported to an area hospital, where he was later pronounced dead. The Davis County Critical Incident Protocol Team was activated and is conducting the investigation. Details of this incident will be released upon completion of the investigation. Five Farmington City police officers have been placed on administrative leave as per department policy. There were no injuries to any of the officers."

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 'It breaks my heart': Protest march and vigil held for Chase Allan who was gunned down by cops