'The Masked Singer' Spoilers: Chameleon is Wiz Khalifa, here are clues you missed

'The Masked Singer' Spoilers: Chameleon is Wiz Khalifa, here are clues you missed
Wiz Khalifa and the Chameleon on 'The Masked Singer' (wizkhalifa/Instagram, FOX)

Wiz Khalifa is unmasked and revealed as the Chameleon on 'The Masked Singer'. He placed third on Season 5, it was revealed on the finale episode that aired on May 26, 2021.

Fans of the show were sure that Wiz Khalifa was disguised as the Chameleon since his very first performance on 'The Masked Singer' . He fi appeared on the season's second episode titled 'Shamrock and Roll' as part of Group B performers. The theme of the episode as you may have judged from the title was in line with St Patrick's Day and the Chameleon in all his green, yellow and red costume glory seemed like the perfect fit. 

He performed 'Ride Wit Me' by Nelly and the words just glided off his tongue so smoothly, it was pure magic. There is no doubt whatsoever that this masked celebrity is Wiz Khalifa because if the flow in his performance didn't give that away already, the clue package video and just his physical appearance were very telling of the fact that the owner of Taylor Gang is disguised as the reptile on the show. 


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The Chameleon managed to enamor everybody on the judges' panel right from Nicole Scherzinger who noted that he had the body of a tall Jesus to Jenny McCarthy who said she wouldn't think twice before buying his album. "Chameleon, can I just tell you how much I loved that performance?" McCarthy said. "Honestly, I looked over at Nicole and we both started swooning because you have this beautiful tone in your voice. I would buy that album tomorrow, with you singing on it."

It's like all the judges collectively manifested Wiz Khalifa on the show after constantly guessing him as the celebrity under the whimsical Whatchamacallit mask. He was later revealed as the New Orleans Pelicans player Lonzo Ball upon elimination. Continue reading to know all the clues that point to the rapper nicknamed Little Queer. 

THe Chameleon and guest host Niecy Nash in 'The Masjed Singer' Season 5 (FOX)

The Clues

"Chameleon has a history with precious gemstones," said the first clue about him, courtesy of the Cluedle doo. Chameleon was seen riding through the desert on a bike with a license plate that read "Camoflag". He revealed his love for technology and credited his father who turned him into a geek. "It's all because of my pops, who taught me to keep up with the times," said the celeb under the reptilian mask who "put the tech in technicolor."

Some of the visual clues in the package include a polaroid of another chameleon with the word "Dad" on it, the number 007, a book I.T that the chameleon was reading, an 8-bit video game featuring the chameleon on a motorcycle. Soon after he crashes into a hole with a "Beware of Pit" signboard. 


If you've been a fan of Wiz Khalifa for a long time, you'd know that he is very technically inclined and has even been open about it in his various interviews. Wiz Khalifa had slipped into the role of James Bond for one of his music video called 'James Bong' which explains the 007 clues.

The video package also featured a fuzzy dice with the number 2 and 3 on them and this could be pointing towards the song '23' that he did with Miley Cyrus. Did you catch all these clues during the performance? Share your thoughts in the comments below. 

'The Masked Singer' airs every Wednesday at 8 pm ET on Fox.

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