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Is Whitney Rose lying about Lisa Barlow's cheating rumors? Angie Harrington spills the tea

When Heather claimed that she never heard the rumors about Lisa's alleged affairs before, Whitney shot her down
UPDATED OCT 13, 2022
'RHOSLC' stars Angie Harrington and Whitney Rose (Bravo)
'RHOSLC' stars Angie Harrington and Whitney Rose (Bravo)

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH: Even though Whitney Rose arranged for a getaway to Arizona to shower Jen Shah with love and support, the 'Real Housewives of Salt Lake City' star managed to make the trip all about herself by stirring the pot. After actively participating in spreading rumors about Lisa Barlow's alleged affairs to promote her business, Whitney began feeling guilty. 

When she tried urging Meredith Marks to come clean to Lisa and tell her about the rumors, Meredith refused by pointing out how she didn't actually say anything specific about Lisa but simply implied it. However, it was Whitney who named names and spelled out all the rumors. This left Whitney feeling frustrated and annoyed. The housewife attempted to sway Jen Shah into taking her side by asking if Meredith told her anything about the rumors. When Jen explained that they had discussed about the rumors but didn't really get to the bottom of it, it further triggered Whitney. So in a moment of frustration, Whitney approached Lisa and came clean about the rumors. But instead of taking responsibility for spreading the rumors, the housewife pinned it on Meredith.


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'RHOSLC' star Lisa Barlow (Bravo)
'RHOSLC' star Lisa Barlow (Bravo)

Things escalated in no time, and by the end of the night, Heather Gay and Whitney were on the outs. Whitney ended up dragging all the ladies into the mess when she accused them all of knowing the rumors and discussing the rumor of affairs behind Lisa's back. When Heather claimed that she never heard these rumors before, Whitney shot her down. The housewife claimed that Heather and she learned about the rumor at the same time from their mutual friend Angie Harrington. 

According to Whitney, Angie reportedly showed the man who Lisa slept with for jazz tickets to Heather and her. Heather immediately denied it and claimed she never had any such conversation with Angie, despite Whitney insisting that it had happened. Though Angie wasn't on the episode, the friend of housewives cleared the air by taking to her Twitter to set the record straight.


In a tweet directed at Whitney, Angie accused Whitney of betraying her. She wrote, "Not sure what I did to deserve that betrayal @whitneywildrose that sucked #rhoslc." In another tweet, Angie seconded with Heather and claimed that the alleged conversation about Lisa's affairs never happened. She wrote, "I missed that F*ck$ng NUGGET too! @heathergay29 #becauseitdidnthappen #RHOSLC." Jen replied to Angie's tweet by claiming she too missed the alleged "nugget" about Lisa's affairs.


We can't wait to see how Whitney gets out of this sticky situation.

'Real Housewives of Salt Lake City' Season 3 airs every Wednesday at 9/8c on Bravo.