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Did Lisa Barlow sleep around for money? 'RHOSLC' star Meredith marks makes WILD accusations

'I kinda believe Lisa is having an affair on her husband. Let’s not forget she stole her husband from her sister #RHOSLC,' wrote a fan
'RHOSLC' stars Lisa Barlow and Meredith Marks (Bravo)
'RHOSLC' stars Lisa Barlow and Meredith Marks (Bravo)

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH: It looks like Lisa Barlow and Meredith Mark's decade-old friendship is done for good after the former's infamous 'hot-mic' incident. The previous season of 'Real Housewives of Salt Lake City' featured Lisa lashing out against her best friend Meredith when she thought she wasn't being filmed in the privacy of her room. Unfortunately for Lisa, she forgot to take off her mic pack, so everything she said was recorded and televised for the whole world to see including Meredith. The incident which has been dubbed a 'hot-mic' moment featured Lisa accusing Meredith of sleeping with half of New York and bashing the family's alleged poor finances.

After feeling hurt and upset over Lisa's words, Meredith appears to be ready to go toe-to-toe against her former best friend. Season 3 of 'RHOSLC' kicked off with the jeweler making wild accusations against Lisa. During a conversation with Jen Shah, Meredith insinuated that she heard rumors about Lisa sleeping around and having affairs to promote her tequila business. Later, in another conversation with her husband Seth Marks, Meredith once again insinuated the same allegations and dubbed Lisa's 'hot-mic' moment as projection, as Meredith heard everything Lisa accused them of as rumors about herself. Meredith then went on to reveal how Vida tequila was under financial crisis by pointing out some of the SEC documents filed by the company. 


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'RHOSLC' star Lisa Barlow (Bravo)
'RHOSLC' star Lisa Barlow (Bravo)

Later while filming her confessional when one of the producers point blank asked Meredith if she was insinuating that Lisa slept with other men for money, the housewife threw an epic shade by simply shrugging her shoulders while sipping her drink from a mug with New York printed across it. 'RHOSLC' fans were left feeling amused after watching Meredith take shots at Lisa. A fan tweeted, "Not Meredith sipping from an I Love New York cup insinuating Lisa is having an affair #RHOSLC." "STOPPP Meredith insinuating Lisa had an affair and sipping from an “ I NY” mug #RHOSLC," wrote an amused fan. "Meredith insinuating Lisa slept around for money is WILD. This friendship is never gonna recover #RHOSLC," commented a fan. "Meredith:’It’s a legal public document that anyone can read’ But that you have to look for… shady. And then she says that Lisa has slept with men for money…#RHOSLC," added a fan.





'RHOSLC' star Meredith Marks (Bravo)
'RHOSLC' star Meredith Marks (Bravo)

Another fan shared, "That’s the big reveal? That you heard Lisa had an affair? You only reveal this after Lisa already accused you last year of having an affair Meredith? I’m not gagging. Step up to the plate and spill some hot tea. Also this Union with Jen is fake #RHOSLC." "Meredith: I’ve heard lots of rumors about Lisa but I’m not out here spreading them. Meredith, 10 seconds later on worldwide TV: Lisa’s having an affair. #RHOSLC," joked a fan. "I kinda believe Lisa is having an affair on her husband. Let’s not forget she stole her husband from her sister #RHOSLC #wwhl," expressed a fan.




'Real Housewives of Salt Lake City' Season 3 airs every Wednesday at 9/8c on Bravo.

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