Danbury Fair Mall shooting: Girl, 16, injured and panic ensues among shoppers amid shots fired

Danbury Fair Mall shooting: Girl, 16, injured and panic ensues among shoppers amid shots fired
Danbury Police Department and Connecticut State Police are working to clear the Danbury Fair mall building after reports of an active shooter (Photo by Bob Falcetti/Getty Images)

DANBURY, CONNECTICUT: Connecticut State Police along with the Danbury Police Department arrived at Danbury Fair mall on Wednesday, August 11 at around 7:45 pm after reports of shots being fired at the establishment. "CSP is assisting Danbury PD with a report of shots fired at the Danbury Fair Mall. We are asking everyone to please avoid the area," read an official update on their Twitter page. While there's no confirmed news of any fatalities in this incident, it's being reported that people are still in lockdown at the establishment. 

A local reporter confirmed police presence outside Macy's outlet at the mall as well as people being trapped inside. "Large police presence outside Macy’s at Danbury Fair Mall right now. I spoke with several people who tell me their friends are in lockdown inside of the mall," the tweet read. Shooting scares/incidents at malls are not uncommon. In June, Crystal Mall in New York was under threat of a shooting incident, and the property was put on lockdown after reports of an armed person in the Galleria. However, no injuries were reported and claims about the armed person couldn't be substantiated after a full sweep. Similarly, a shooting incident at Security Square Mall led to two cops being injured and the suspect was dead after police returned fire. 



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Connecticut's Danbury Fair mall shooting

In an update shared by Danbury PD at 9 pm on August 11, they confirmed there was a shooting incident and a 16-year-old girl was shot in her upper chest area inside the mall. What remains to be determined is if there is more than one suspect involved in this incident. "At approximately 7:02 pm the Danbury Police dispatch received a report of shots fired at the Danbury Fair Mall near Macy's. Upon arrival officers found a sixteen-year-old female suffering from a gunshot wound to her upper chest area. She was alert and conscious. 

"The mall was immediately placed on lockdown. It is unknown at this time how many suspects are involved or if they are still in the mall. Police officers are still inside systematically clearing the building. The victim was taken by ambulance to Danbury Hospital. Her condition at this time and identity is being withheld. Danbury Police are being assisted by the CT State Police and several area police departments," the update read. 


Brian Foley, the spokesperson for the state Department of Emergency Services, said preliminary information is that this is not an active shooter or mass shooting type incident. At a press conference at 10 pm, Danbury Police Chief Patrick Ridenhour said the 16-year-old victim's condition is unknown. Investigators have received a video that shows an altercation involving at least eight people outside Macy's entrance. According to Ridenhour, one person pulled out a gun and fired at least one round which hit the victim who wasn't necessarily the intended target. Investigators are looking into reports of a hammer-carrying male who was seen running away from the scene who is now believed to have been the target, however, this is yet to be confirmed. 

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