Cumberland Mall Shooting: Two, including child, shot in horrific gunfire a day after tragic Boulder Shooting

Another shooting took place around 10.7 miles from the mall in Piedmont Park where the suspect fled leaving the victim alive

                            Cumberland Mall Shooting: Two, including child, shot in horrific gunfire a day after tragic Boulder Shooting
Cumberland Mall (L) and the area cordoned off by police at present (R, aerial view) (Google Map Images/Matt Lingerfelt, Twitter)

ATLANTA, GEORGIA: As America reels from the horrors of Boulder supermarket massacre of March 22 and the horrific Atlanta spa shootings a week before, Cumberland Mall in Cobb County, Atlanta, has witnessed another alarming crime. It has been reported that two people have been shot and injured inside the mall at the Buffalo Wild Wings outlet.

Cobb County police confirmed that one of the two victims is a child, though their age has not been revealed. The fact was reaffirmed by Twitter users and local media with video evidence. "Alert: Shooting at Cumberland mall. I’m hearing 2 people injured, one a child. This has to stop! #Enough" tweeted Georgia representative Erick Allen. 


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What happened at Cumberland Mall?

Shots were fired at Buffalo Wild Wings, reportedly injuring two individuals, one of whom is believed to be a child. Following the incident, the mall was evacuated and EMS personnel arrived at the scene to tend to the injured. One victim was shot in the leg while the other person in the foot. The mall has been temporarily shut down and under Cobb County police surveillance. 

An unofficial video on Twitter shows the young child victim of the shooting with the bullet wound in his leg being treated by paramedics. "My pops was inside Cumberland Mall during the shooting today. He said he could hear the shots from inside. Cmon man .... a little kid," a user tweeted with the video, sharing that his father was an eyewitness to the incident. 


Cobb County Police revealed that the shooting appears to be "the aftermath" of a confrontation between two parties in separate vehicles, who fled before the police arrived. According to the latest reports by11Alive, Wayne Delk, the spokesperson for Cobb County Police, has informed that both parties have left the mall area. They also shared that there is confusion about the exact location of the mall where the shooting took place. 

Meanwhile, it appears that there has been another shooting at Piedmont Park in Midtown, Atlanta. Eyewitnesses reveal that the victim was allegedly shot by a person with a rifle, who fled the scene while the victim was still breathing and conscious, reports CBS46

"One in Piedmont Park in the heart of Midtown and another at Cumberland Mall in northwest Atlanta," Sean Morris wrote, referring to the dual Atlanta shootings on Tuesday. 


More details are yet to be confirmed about the incidents. This is a developing story and we will update it with the latest details.

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