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IS HE BROKE? Fans puzzled as MCR's former drummer Bob Bryar sells ‘The Black Parade’ costume on eBay

Bob Bryar also made light of the fact that the 'Black Parade' outfit had 'a few surprise dog hairs' since he 'let his dog Fred wear it for a minute'
'The Black Parade' costume listed by MCR's Bob Bryar has received the highest offer of $12,422 on eBay (Paul McConnell/Getty Images; Screenshot from eBay listing)
'The Black Parade' costume listed by MCR's Bob Bryar has received the highest offer of $12,422 on eBay (Paul McConnell/Getty Images; Screenshot from eBay listing)

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS: My Chemical Romance's former drummer, Bob Bryar, has made the decision to put his original 'Black Parade' costume up for sale. The outfit, which was fashioned by four-time Oscar winner Colleen Atwood and was never formally duplicated, was described in Bryar's eBay listing. In support of My Chemical Romance's 2007 album, 'The Black Parade', Bryar wore it in several promotional images, music videos, and live performances.

“I have no clue how much it’s worth,” Bryar wrote in the listing’s description, noting that “it’s just sitting in a box doing nothing and people need help with money right now." As per NME, the outfit has received the highest offer of $12,422 as of this time, and the auction is scheduled to finish on October 29. The proceeds from the auction, according to Bryar's listing, would go toward aiding "abandoned and sheltered animals in areas of Florida and South Carolina that are affected by Hurricane Ian."


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Bryar has always participated in dog rescue initiatives. To generate money for the Tennessee-based Williamson County Animal Control and Adoption Center, he sold a drum set that had been utilized during some of My Chemical Romance's most formative years last June as reported by NME.

He also made light of the fact that the "Black Parade" outfit had "a few surprise dog hairs" since he "let [his] dog Fred wear it for a minute." The listing includes a picture of Fred wearing the outfit.

Bryar's dog Fred wearing his "The Black Parade" costume on the eBay listing (Screenshot from eBay)

In 2010, Bryar parted ways with My Chemical Romance due to a persistent wrist issue. The ex-member stated he was "permanently shutting the book on [his] drumming days" when he sold his drum equipment last year, citing his chronic wrist issues as one of the reasons.

The bizarre part of this tale came when Bryar tweeted about putting the costume on sale and then promptly posted a series of now-deleted tweets where he claims that "everyone can hate me" and that he is "finally getting used to that." In another tweet, he asks his followers to make a list of why he's hated and he "will explain it all and it will make perfect sense and finally people will understand and hopefully end the bcbyar hate club." His followers and fans of My Chemical Romance were quick to take screenshots of his incoherent tweets and post their reactions on Twitter. 

One user posted screenshots of the tweets with the caption, "Bob bryar might delete his tweets but i ALWAYS save the receipts." Another user posted screenshots of his eBay listing with the caption, "I woke up on a random sunday morning to bob bryar came back after TEN years to put his og black parade costume on ebay with these images." A third user tweeted, "Pov bob bryar coming back to twitter after 10 years of inactivity to sell his black parade costume and tweet like he's running a mentally ill teen's stan account." while another user joked, “Bob Bryar has a public descent into madness over Twitter and a bizarre infatuation with the phrase ‘period AH, period UH’” was uh… definitely NOT on my MCR reunion bingo card…" Another user reflected the sentiments, "Why did bob bryar come back to twitter after ten years to rant about fridge brands in an ebay listing of the black parade costume." Another tweet reads, "Is bob bryar in his broke era." 







Some fans also expressed concern for Bryar's mental state. One user wrote, "Can someone genuinely call a wellness check on bob bryar," while another tweeted, "we may not like bob bryar but come on dude going thru stuff rn."



Meanwhile, Bryar's ex-band members, who just gave a performance at the first 'When We Were Young' festival, are presently on the road with their long-delayed reunion tour.

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