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Is GOT7 making comeback in May 2022? Media confirms as fans analyze hints from members

After teasing fans for many months, GOT7 is likely to actually make a full group comeback in May of 2022
Korean media confirms a GOT7 comeback in May 2022 as members gear up to release new music after 14 months of group hiatus (@got7.with.igot7/Instagram)
Korean media confirms a GOT7 comeback in May 2022 as members gear up to release new music after 14 months of group hiatus (@got7.with.igot7/Instagram)

A lot has been going on in the GOT7 fandom, with many attesting to the fact that a GOT7 comeback is long overdue. The boys made their exit from JYP Entertainment after seven long years, and despite all members exiting the label, they made a promise to fans that the group was not disbanding but only broadening their horizons.

From Jay B, the group’s leader, starting his own label to acquiring the copyrights to music units like JJP (with member Jinyoung) and JUS2 (with maknae Yugyeom), fans are sure that GOT7 has something big prepared for their fans in the days to come.

After ‘Encore’, a song that was released after GOT7’s departure from JYP, reassured fans and multiple interactions that took place over the last year were proof to fans that GOT7 will always be a K-pop group and would soon be making a comeback.

Well, it is time for a GOT7 comeback as several media outlets from South Korea confirmed that the members themselves confirmed a full group comeback. After teasing fans for months on end, it seems like GOT7 is finally ready to make a comeback and it is going to be extremely soon.


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Kmedia confirms a GOT7 comeback in May

On April 22, various media outlets claimed that GOT7 members themselves had confirmed their comeback as a full group in May. It was also stated that the members had started preparing for the final stage, while the group was in its final stage in the recording process. While this comeback news comes as a shock, fans already knew something big had been brewing. Aside from the extremely unsubtle hits from spoiler king Bambam, GOT7 members like Youngjae and Mark among others raised a lot of suspicion about the full group comeback.

On the same day the media announced GOT7’s comeback, Youngjae used the group's fan cafe to share a message with fans that read, "Fighting (which is a term for ‘good luck’ in Korean) until May", while Bambam tweeted the number 7 and Mark posted a green heart on Twitter which is representative of GOT7’s fandom color. This had fans speculating if GOT7 was going to make a comeback on May 7 which has still kept Ahgases (fans of GOT7) on the edge of their seats. With solo comebacks from Yugyeom, Bambam, Jackson, Mark as well as constant fan interactions from Jay B and Youngjae when it comes to their radio shows as well as Jinyoung’s upcoming movie projects, it seems like GOT7 members are still trying their level best to make time for fans for this comeback.


'Birds, It's time to go back to your nest'

Seeing the dedication of the members, Ahgases have started joking that come what may, fans will focus on GOT7 and only GOT7 this May. One fan stated, “They really like doing this to us." Another fan said, "AHGASES WE WON!! GOT7 MAY COMEBACK AS A WHOLE GROUP!! WE WON!!!" One fan joked, "Ahgases after their year long vacation hearing news about got7 2022 may comeback." One fan joked, "GOT7 MAY COMEBACK! BIRDS, IT’S TIME TO GO BACK TO YOUR NEST."

Another fan said, "AHGASES FANDOM HUG PLEASE WE HAVE WAITED FOR SO LONG! THE TIME IS COMING! OT7 COMEBACK IN MAY!" One fan joked, "For those student ahgases who are having classes and exams in may, please know ur priority SKIP SCHOOL AND FOCUS ON GOT7 COMEBACK." Another fan said, "The sudden announcement about got7’s comeback on may got ahgases like."