Is DIA not disbanding? Yebin shares contradictory message after 'final' song that has fans hopeful

Is DIA not disbanding? Yebin shares contradictory message after 'final' song that has fans hopeful
While DIA's label said the girl group has disbanded, Yebin's letter says otherwise (@dia_official/Twitter, @yeb1n_100/Instagram)

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA: There has never been a more confusing disbandment than DIA's. Fans were worried about the status of the girl group DIA as they have been on hiatus since 2020. They were supposed to release an album in 2021 but it never saw the light of day. In May 2022, it was announced that they would release their final song in August and then disband. August came and went and now member Yebin's letter has fans hopeful.

DIA's label PocketDol Studio had shared that they were discussing the members' contracts and their last album. Then in September, it was revealed that they would release a final single and disband. However, even the farewell performance was canceled after Chaeyeon sustained an injury and had to get surgery. On September 16, following the release of their supposedly final song 'Rooting For You', PocketDol shared that DIA would disband on September 17.


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Yebin says DIA did not disband

But DIA fans are now hopeful after Yebin's letter. On September 14, following the single release and anniversary celebration, the members came online to share heartfelt letters, thanking their fans for their support. In fact, just a day later, it was announced that Chaeyeon had already moved on and had signed with BH Entertainment as an actress. But it seems that DIA is following the latest trend of being a free agent and have not really disbanded according to Yebin.

There have been several K-pop groups popping up who are leaving their agencies following their contract expiration but still staying together as a group. The most successful example is GOT7 as they made a comeback while all seven members are under different groups. The same goes for Mamamoo, 2PM and Girls' Generation. Disbanded groups like 2NE1, GFriend and CLC are also considering a reunion as they were let go against their will. With DIA probably being in a similar situation, Yebin revealed that they actually did not want to disband.

In her letter, Yebin contradicted PocketDol's statement by saying DIA had never disbanded, just that their contracts had expired. She said, they would be a group with members who are under different agencies. She asked fans to wait for them and support them as they continue with their solo and group careers at the same time. Yebin also assured fans that te members had discussed and decided that "if it doesn't work, let's save money and release an album."

'Back to the DIA reunion agenda'

One fan shared, "Can't be sad about DIA bc to me spiritually they already disbanded long ago now i'm just glad i get new music it's like a post disband reunion lolll + they're finally out of that company." Another added, "I will see DIA thrive in my lifetime so help me god."

One commented, "It's so ironic how dia is celebrating their 7th anniv today but it's also the same day they disband... like they are technically just about to break the 7-year curse by a thread." Another fan posted, "Yebin said DIA didn't disband so back to the DIA reunion agenda." One fan tweeted, "If Yebin says DIA is not disbanding then DIA is not disbanding I will be forever supporting them."










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