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Is DIA disbanding? Group to make comeback after two years, fans say 'they're finally free'

PocketDol Studio revealed that the next DIA comeback will be their last as their seven-year contract with the label matures
As DIA announces its disbandment, fan share their bittersweet feelings about the future of the girl group (@dia_official/Twitter)
As DIA announces its disbandment, fan share their bittersweet feelings about the future of the girl group (@dia_official/Twitter)

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA: Successful K-pop girl groups are a rare thing for the genre and it is often hard for female acts of K-pop to share the same success as male acts. However, the year 2015 changed that with the huge number of girl groups that made their debut in K-pop. The year saw debuts from groups like CLC, TWICE, April, DIA, Oh My Girl, GFriend, and more but as the years passed, these groups started going on hiatuses.

Among the aforementioned groups, TWICE and DIA were the only two active 2015-debut groups but it seems like things will soon change. DIA was the last active with six members after Somyi's exit but since its debut, DIA has had 10 members in total over the years after being through many lineup changes. Now as the girl group completes seven years since its debut, they have fallen prey to the seven-year curse and will be making a comeback for the last time. It was announced that DIA's next comeback will be it's last and will feature all members that are active under the label sans Somyi (BJ Chomyi).


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DIA announces disbandment with a final comeback

DIA had been inactive for the last few years and had dedicated fans of the group hounding DIA's label, PocketDol Studio (a subsidiary of MBK Entertainment) for updates about the activities of the members. Fans complained that the label was not paying members well and was also responsible for the members not having any new projects as the label kept limiting them from solo gigs. On September 6 it was announced that DIA will be celebrating its seventh debut anniversary this year and as a result will have successfully completed its contracts with the label. With this, the members will be releasing a final single album before disbanding.

The upcoming album from DIA will have two tracks in total with the lead single, 'Rooting For You' and a b-side track, 'The Dazzline Day'. The album will be released on September 15, exactly seven years after DIA's debut with their first album, 'Do It Amazing' in 2015. While explaining the message behind DIA's next comeback, members said, "Aids (Fans of DIA) made us shine all these years. Thank you so much for walking with us at the same speed anytime, anywhere." As part of their final comeback, DIA will hold a music broadcast for the final time as a girl group upon the release of the song.


'They're finally free'

Fans are having a bittersweet moment with this news as on one hand they're happy DIA members will finally be free while on the other they will miss the girl group after its disbandment. One fan said, "Sept 15 was their actual debut date right so it's so meaningful. I think the only remaining members with existing contracts at that point would be Jueun and Eunchae since they joined the group at a later time." Another fan said, "Can’t believe DIA are really back i genuinely thought they were gonna disband." One more responded, "They will disband after that cb sadly." One fan said, "DIA can now disband in peace after this I am satisfied."

Another fan said, "The way i really thought that dia was gonna disband in silence i love when the universe proves me wrong." One fan said, "Honestly so happy that DIA will be free after this comeback but sad that they probably gonna disband." Another fan said, "Damn DIA comeback after 2 years! But.... Only 2 songs? Seriously? They deserve better...+ But i'm kinda sad+ happy cz they will disband and started a new life but.. oh goshhh." One more fan said, "They’re free. They’re finally free."









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