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Apple TV+ 'Invasion' Episode 1 Recap: Mankind is yet to face its unknown enemy

Chaos begins to ensue around the world as aliens invade Earth in the sc-fi thriller 'Invasion' on Apple TV+
UPDATED OCT 26, 2021
Rinko Kikuchi as Hinata Murai in 'Invasion' (Apple TV+)
Rinko Kikuchi as Hinata Murai in 'Invasion' (Apple TV+)

'Invasion' is the latest show to enter the sci-fi genre and it had a pretty decent opening. The Apple TV+ show will follow the calamity of an alien invasion on Earth as we track the events that occur around the globe.

'Invasion' will see the extraterrestrials wreak unprecedented havoc as they lurk on earth. Tragic events unfold as mankind tries to deal with the unknown. Giving us various perspectives, the Apple TV+ series will explore the situation through the eyes of five people across the world as they each see various types of danger. Read on to know what happened in the first episode of the show.


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The show opens in the Arabian Desert in Yemen on Earth where a shepherd lays with his camels. Suddenly a loud boom is heard in the distance as the camels sensing danger run away. The man looks on as he sees the sand rise and come towards him as if something is tunneling underneath. In a split second, he's blasted off behind. The next scene takes us to Idabel, Oklahoma, USA where John Bell Tyson (Sam Neill) is getting dressed for his last day as Sheriff before he retires. Kissing his wife goodbye, he goes to the station where a case about a stolen truck and missing suspects come in. He goes to investigate where he finds something strange in the cornfield with crows circling over a spot.

The patch is revealed to be a depression that has cleared a space with an overhead shot showing us what looks like a landing spot for something. We are then shown Aneesha Malik (Golshifteh Farahani ) a mother of two living happily with her husband in Long Island, NY, USA. The scene then shifts to Tokyo, Japan where a Japanese woman writes a letter to her lover and leaves without a goodbye as she tells herself she is going to miss sunrises. We find out she's an astronaut who'll be going to the ISS for a year. We also meet Mitsuki Yamato (Shiori Kutsuna ), an engineer at JASA who gets called to fix a communication problem before the ship takes off. It is revealed that she is the secret lover of Hinata Murai (Rinko Kikuchi), the astronaut from before as they secretly say their goodbyes. 

The episode cuts back to Sheriff John investigating the patch as he stumbles across the missing truck without the boys. Out of nowhere, we see a swarm of insects attack him and his partner as they take cover. Going back to Long Island we see kids in a music class suddenly get heavy nosebleeds with the exception of Aneesha's son. Aneesha comes to pick up her son and daughter and rushes them to a doctor who tells them everything in the tests is normal. 

Sam Neill in a still from 'Invasion' (Apple TV plus)

Back in Tokyo, we see the successful launch of the ship into Space. Aneesha, who's back at home with her kids, wonders where her husband is as his location is not on his way back from work. The lights in the house start flickering as we go back to Sheriff John. The officers are on their way back when John wonders what he's actually done in life and believes each one has a purpose to serve. He tells his partner about an old case that he thought was his purpose but turns out it wasn't. He believes the new case is a sign from God and thinks his time has come to be useful. Aneesha meanwhile goes to her husband's location and looks into a house to find him having an affair. Upset and shocked she sneaks back to her car where she has the kids as well and lies about it being an errand. When her husband Ahmed (Firas Nassar) returns she confronts him about his whereabouts, revealing what she knows. Suddenly we see everything violently shake as the power goes out and fires ignite outside. The couple grabs the kids and run out.

Golshifteh Farahani as Aneesha Malik in 'Invasion' (Apple TV+)

Cutting to Space we see Murai with her crew in the ship as she thinks about Mitsuki and fondles a ring. One of the crewmates suddenly spots something outside and asks if the rest see it. As Murai looks out to see, a part of the spaceship suddenly breaks off and all of them get sucked out as a closeup of the ring signals their loss of life. Sheriff John who at his retirement party is in the middle of his speech is visibly bothered by the case. This prompts him to walk out and go investigate again. He trudges into the cornfield with a flashlight and goes to the spot in the field.

Frustrated he looks up to the heavens yelling, "Come on, show me!!' asking God for a sign, when he spots a crow and hears a rustle. Suddenly he sees the soil sink in places and digs frantically calling out the names of the missing boys in desperation. Everything goes still as in a split second something stabs his neck and he collapses to the ground, seemingly lifeless. A tiny glimpse of a nail-like claw is shown disappearing under the soil as the episode ends on a cliffhanger. 

'Invasion' is now streaming on AppleTV +.