'Invasion' Episode 6: Show does a 180, FINALLY gives fans aliens, blood and gore

Everyone is in danger as an alien lurks about with Aneesha's family trapped in the house

                            'Invasion' Episode 6: Show does a 180, FINALLY gives fans aliens, blood and gore
Golshifteh Farahani as Aneesha in 'Invasion' (AppleTv+)

Spoilers for Apple TV+'s 'Invasion' Episode 6 'Home Invasion' 

We'll be very honest about the fact that Apple TV+'s 'Invasion' has been boring and frustrating us with its slow burn and lack of any aliens. But all that may have just changed with the sixth episode and we're grateful for it.

 Episode 5 saw the president of the United States announce the presence of aliens as Aneesha(Golshifteh Farahani) who is away from her family looks on in disbelief and anger. In the sixth episode, we see her in an ambulance on the way to a second location with  Ahmed (Firas Nassar), Sarah (Tara Moayedi) and Luke (Azhy Robertson) still left in the forest home. Aneesha snaps back to reality and leaves to make the journey back to her family. Read on to know what went down in the episode and our thoughts on it. 


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The Apple TV+ show which has been lagging painfully when it come to the story pace FINALLY delivered and it was incredible. Five episodes in and the halfway point of the show hadn't given us any aliens, danger, or invasion, but it all changed with the sixth episode. When the episode began with Aneesha we thought 'ugh please no more family drama', we're barely hanging on due to our lack of interest in this increasingly boring show. But nope, what followed was exactly what we and the audiences wanted from the sci-fi show. Aneesha, on her way back to her family, sees frightening scenes of death on the road. As she runs back she spots a mangled dead body, dead soldiers, and animals which makes the danger she was skeptical of more real. She even resorts to grabbing a gun from one of the dead soldiers as a precaution.

A still from 'Invasion' (Apple TV+)

By the time she reached back the setting had changed to an apocalyptic one filled with rain and thunder across a dark sky which set the tone perfectly. She finds the house empty but on calling on her family she hears the sound of glass breaking as if something just entered. As she panics and runs we are shown her coming across a bloody, dead animal in the house making it quite certain that whatever is out there isn't friendly. The house owner opens a hatch to the attic where she's finally reunited with her family. But this reunion brought in tension as the two families argue, with the owners asking the Maliks to leave. Sarah falls through the floor with Aneesha following her and hiding in a closet. When the wife of the house owner falls through halfway we see a brutal scene as the bone-crunching and squelching indicate her being eaten from below as she holds on to her husband in pain. 

Azhy Robertson as Luke in 'Invasion' (Apple TV+)

The sixth episode finally showed us the alien in all its black, wet, spindly glory as it goes about the house looking to attack them. Ahmed was annoyingly stupid in this episode which sees him get attacked. The episode even had a great puzzling sequence where Luke's piece of foreign material acts as the weapon that Aneesha uses to kill the alien. The episode ends with the Ahmed surviving and the entire family driving off. 

'Invasion' finally delivered exactly what was needed from a show based on an alien invasion and we're happy to say our interest has finally been revived.

'Invasion' is streaming on Apple TV+ with new episodes released every Friday.

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