'This is bizarre': Internet digs up Brian Walshe's Twitter that follows handles reporting on missing wife Ana

'This is bizarre': Internet digs up Brian Walshe's Twitter that follows handles reporting on missing wife Ana
Brian Walshe is also accused of lying to police about Ana Walshe's whereabouts (NBC Boston, Youtube/ Screenshot)

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA: Netizens have dug out the Twitter handle of Brian Walshe, who was on January 9 charged with "misleading police" in connection with the investigation into the missing of his wife Ana, 39. As per local media reports, Walshe, 46, is currently the suspect in the case pertaining to the disappearance of his wife. Ana, the mother of three children, went missing on New Year's Eve after being last seen at her home at 4 am. She was supposed to take a flight from Boston to DC for a work emergency. 


The internet continues to lash out at Brian, a known fraudster, even calling him a 'cold blooded criminal', ever since Ana's disppearance. As per the court documents, Brian has also been accused by his family of defrauding his father, Thomas, who died unexpectedly in India in 2018, of almost a million dollars, including stealing a Salvador Dali artwork. 


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Missing Ana Walshe's husband Brian arrested for 'misleading' police, Internet says 'no one is shocked'

Michael Morrissey, Norfolk District Attorney, informed in an official statement that police have probable cause to believe that Walshe had committed the crime of misleading police investigators in relation to the disappearance of his wife Ana. Brian's statements to police after his arrest have also been contradictory and devoid of merit, according to several reports. Local media reported, quoting prosecutors, that Walshe told authorities that he stepped out to get ice cream with his son on January 2 but he was spotted on surveillance video purchasing cleaning supplies at a Home Depot in Rockland. Brian was charged in court on January 10 after prosecutors claimed a bloody, broken knife was found in the couple's basement, The US Sun reported.


As the internet continues to pray for Ana's safety, hoping police will be able to locate her soon, and the case speeds up with more evidence expected in coming weeks, netizens have discovered Brian's purported Twitter account where he is seen following handles that suggest he wants to keep track of the ongoing case against him. A Reddit thread posted by the handle 'More-Marionberry-143' shows a Twitter account, supposedly of Brian, where he can be seen following the handles of NCSC, CyberGuardNews, ThreatPost, and Homeland Security among others. The thread has generated a flurry of reactions, aggravating internet's ire towards Brian. 

"I wonder if he just started following those accounts recently to try to be one step ahead of the case. when did he create his profile? (sic)," wrote a user, while another commented, "He's always been a wanted man." Netizens have also expressed concerns over Ana's wellbeing in the thread. "Investigators searching for evidence in the disappearance of Cohasset mother Ana Walshe found trash bags with blood, a hatchet, a hack saw, a rug and used cleaning supplies at a transfer station in Peabody, sources told WBZ-TV's I-Team Tuesday," a user wrote, while another commented, "The whole “last seen” is total baloney unless this “relative” saw her briefly (say, brushing her teeth) and then went back to bed…in which case she was seen in the early AM hours but not seen leaving the house, waiting for a car, etc." 

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